Vela Delivers Two Assists In Arsenal’s 2:1 FA Cup Victory Over West Ham

20 years old Mexican Carlos Vela was a key player yesterday for Arsene Wenger’s Gunner Side as he produced two very crucial assists to help Arsenal to turn around things in the FA Cup clash against West Ham at Upton Park.

Vela has handed a start from the Arsenal Manager to get match time and finally he repaid the French man with two remarkable assists, first as Alex Song find Carlos Vela in the box and as the Mexican lost control over his body the play was almost finished, but he found a way to keep his balance to nudge the ball to Welsh teenager Aaron Ramsey and the young lad slotted home with a firing effort into the far corner.

After that you could see that Vela’s confidence raised tremendously and the Mexican should have another impact as once more Alex Song find him on the left flank, so that Vela delivered a outstanding cross into the box for Arsenal striker Eduardo and the Croatian international found the net with a stunning header into the top corner to past West Ham Goalkeeper Robert Green.

And the Mexican should have another moment in this game, as he fopped totally West Ham player Julien Faubert with pace on the left wing to cut inside to find Aaron Ramsey, but the Welsh teenager missed out to get the ball on goal, so that Vela got the ball back and he tried to find the far corner, but former Arsenal player Matthew Upson tackled the ball away from the line with his long foot.

So finally Vela has showed the Manager that he can produce, if he get’s the Match time which he deserves!

Article by – A.Zimmermann

12 responses to “Vela Delivers Two Assists In Arsenal’s 2:1 FA Cup Victory Over West Ham

  1. Play the lad on the wing. He has showed what he can do. He is too young,short and light framed to be a centre attacker. The lad is brilliant.

  2. Excellent contribution from the lad. Agree with Austin wenger should play him on the wing first, when he develops more physically then play him through the middle. Hope wenger plays him at manager-less bolton. He needs games an to be honest we need a direct runner he did that well. Arsene to sign Adriano

  3. I agree wit u guyz,Vela shud be playd as a left winger.He just showed that yestrdy wit his pace & skill…Bravo !

  4. Vela was appalling yesterday – along with Merida. I would love to see Vela be a bright star but I honestly cant see him making an impact in the starting XI.

    If it wasnt for West Ham losing their shape and their right back going AWOL after the first goal then Vela would have scored a 1/10 for me.

  5. What do you think those youngsters can do Dirty Turkey ? Do you think it is just as simple to just put them on the field and they will produce ? If you take in to account that Merida, Wilshere, Vela, Ramsey and (Silvestre) have played very little games this season you can not expect them to run the show like that in the FA cup. It would be great but it does not work that way and certainly not when you play away from home in a local derby.

    Vela will make an impact when he gets the chances and I think that AW was happy with his second half performance. Well I was very happy with it. If given the chance for some 5 or 6 games he will shine

  6. I reckon with time Carlos Vela wiil get used to the over physical approach of the Premier League and become a great player as he has the technique and skills just as it took Alex Song a while and look at him now(Song)

  7. was that at me Chris?

    No, I managed to make it all the way through the game. Plenty long enough to see Vela flapping his arms around looking for fouls that he was never going to get and looking lost when there was a bit of hustle and bustle. You?

    • Well I saw Carlos switching to the left, causing all sorts of trouble to the West Ham defense, providing two assists and going close to score if it wasn’t for an off-the-line clearance by a defender.

  8. DirtyTurkey. Faubert had a very good first half going forward, he wasn’t tested as much as i would have liked in the first by Eduardo or Vela. Urgency arrived with the substitutions as the midfield was more robust. U need to remember when players like wilshire who don’t hold there position and wonder aimlessly around the pitch affect everyone else’s game. Best example of this is Shrek; he cannot play with any utd strikers. To me its no surprise that our whole attack became better and a bit more cutting edge when he and Merida came off. Did you not notice that behrami and Diamanti had to come and help Faubert? U also must have failed to realize that everything came from the our left? Faubert was in his position all day except for the second goal, u didn’t notice Faubert as vela was more direct and had him running backward. Vela as had a torrid time playing in the 433 but when he actually plays well enough to warrant praise u say he was rubbish? ur not a fan ur arm chair supporter. Support ur team when they play well, slate them when they don’t. Its funny how the arsenal hating media say he played at a 7 and a fan says he warrants 1

  9. dear best whises its you are selected to play the wensday ,like left wing,but please dont go to the deep corner of the field if your no hare serving balls for your team, beacouse its time to make a rejoint whit the gool,good luck , atte,juan carlos from tijuana,mexico

  10. Blah blah blahhh chill. Vela has shown us why wenger likes him and why they signed a long term contract. His guy has 20 he will get better and stronger as well just give him some time.

    Just wanted to ask if any one knows what happened to the rumor of arsenal going after MARTIN GALVAN(CRUZ AZUL).

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