Carlos Vela Ends Decade With 10 Minutes At Pompey / German Side Bayern Munich Wants Vela On Loan

Arsenal  striker Carlos Vela has ended the decade with 10 minutes on the pitch at Fratton Park, as he came on for Russian forward Andrey Arshavin in Arsenal’s 4:1 against Portsmouth.

Arsene Wenger side have controlled the whole match and could finally celebrate a very deserved win, thanks to goals from Eduardo,  Samir Nasri, Aaron Ramsey as well as Alex Song.

But Mr. Wenger should be criticised to substitute so late in a already done match. That cannot be happen that the Arsenal Manager just giving 10 minutes to the Mexican, because you cannot expect anything if you just get 10 mins on the pitch.

How the young man can raise his confidence with that short amount of playing time?

So the team of Carlos Vela News is hoping for a loan swap for Vela in the winter window, because the 20 years old need playing time to make the Mexican national side for the World Cup in South Africa in July. To be honest we seriously doubt that he gets this playing time at Arsenal, especially if Wenger goes in the market for another striker.

And our other news could make that happen, as several German and English sources (for example Daily Mail) linking Carlos with a loan swap to German record champion Bayern Munich. We understand that Bayern Manager Louis van Gaal is a big admirer of the young Mexican, as well as the German side could fill their gap up front, after Luca Toni left the club to join AS Roma on loan.

It is called that Bayern President Uli Hoeneß has already started a injuiry to ask the Arsenal Football Football club, whether the player is available in winter or not.

So please tell us your thoughts about Carlos Vela’s situation at Emirates?

Furthermore Carlos Vela News wishes all readers and Carlos Vela supporters around the world a good start into the new year, as well as into the new decade! We thank you for all the support and hope that all our readers stay tuned with us.

Article by – A.Zimmermann

44 responses to “Carlos Vela Ends Decade With 10 Minutes At Pompey / German Side Bayern Munich Wants Vela On Loan

  1. Vela hasn’t scored when he’s given the chance he needs time to grow and Bayern Munich already have 5 striker and 6 wingers. He’s better sitting on our bench and playing in the FA cup than sitting in Bayern Munich bench

  2. too lightweight to play as a striker, don’t think he will cut it at emirates, should try a spelll at a la-liga team, and then see where it goes really

    • I cant stand it when people say crap like that.
      You probably said similar things about song in the past as well as many others.
      Vela has as much raw talent as anyone else in the squad. No he isnt the finished article but to let a talent like that go or even risk letting him leave would be ridiculous.
      Too lightweight??? Hes much stronger than eduardo, walcott and probably van persie actually. He could do wth a run in the side like walcott always seems to get to help him get his movement sorted so he can adjust fully to the side.

  3. I hear you, and I understand the frustration. Rest assured that gooners know how special he is, and we are wondering as well why he is not getting more time. We all know that if he gets a few games he will be a superstar for Arsenal. I’m sure it will happen soon enough.

  4. Arsenal Fan he only gets the odd game or 15 minutes at the end. He hasn’t had the chance he needs, he will be a top striker.

  5. He is an exquisite player but needs more training to stay on his feet to be able to turn and shoot he is young and needs to mature in strength i think he should stay because we love him and we can’t wait to see him blossom

  6. Aziz, KL-Malaysia

    Not necessary to imply some resignation. Bayern is no good choice as the “bench” scenario will be same. If given the chance, Carlos must absolutely focus and if some cool finishing touches can be applied (and that means goals), more games are on the agenda for sure. it’s the clinical finishing that is required, Carlos has it, he just needs to do it.

  7. Chamika De Zoysa

    He need to grab every chance he gets and even it is 10mins or not….look what Fabregas did in 21 mins…i’m not telling Vela to do those kind of things, but give some good impression when you got chance, if he could to that he will get more 1st team action….i’m sure about it…

  8. took light weight, he is probably 10 pounds heavier than arshavin .. is arshavin lightweight? i dont see why people complain about that all the time, doesnt matter if you are light weight or not, which he obviously aint though he is quite small, but if you are good enough then you will cut it anywhere you go and thats a fact.

  9. i “love” him, but he is too lightweight. he either gets fouled or dispossessed before he can do anything with the ball, he doesn’t look confident on the pitch either 😦 he should hit the gym.

    • He looked confident up until the last game he played which came just after all our strikers were missing and wenger decided to play arshavin up front rather than a recognised striker. I think that’s the point where carlos’ confidence dropped.
      I dont understand this crap about him being too weak. Hes similar in strength to ramsey. Not going to dominate big CBs, but will dominate most other players physically. I dont know what ppl have been watching

      • Vela hasn’t done anything all season! Dont think you can say he looked confident up until last game. He was shocking against olympiakos especially missing two sitters which was his chance to prove. Think he is lacking confidence and does need time like eduardo to overcome it….

  10. I agree with all of you, he still needs time, but you need to get your playing time, if that is not happen you cannot find your composure and confidence.

    Bayern Munich would be a horrible choice, for me a premiership loan makes only sense, to learn on the strength and power in this league.

    I also say to all of you that this are just rumors and personally i don’t think that Vela would go to Bayern Munich, it would not make any sense as the situation is there the same, there are player like Klose on the bench.

  11. @jj

    didn’t Vela played at Osasuna and two other Spanish clubs before coming to Arsenal? Why does he need more La Liga experience?

  12. whoever wrote this article is going way too far. carlos vela is still developing. give him at least 18 months.

  13. hey vince,

    we all know that he is still developing, but that is his second season as a Gunner, so he had already 18 months, now he need match time, tell me how you can develop on the bench?

  14. Well, currently Arsenal are needing capable CF ASAP and honestly I don’t see that Vela can do something special this year. He’s been given chances but so far, he’s been unable to turn things around. It is up to him now to make things better for himself. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sub or regular player, you can always make a difference. A good player doesn’t need full 90 mins to make an impact; being a sub has advantages. He has full stamina to knock on defenders and give your team an edge. I believe, he can do good in Arsenal especially when his service is called upon. My advice: keep practising and focus, hopefully when a chance occur he can snap it up by scoring goals.

    • Ismael Santillano

      How can you do something when you only get 10 mins to play and we all know that the chances of any player doing something in 10 mins are very slim

  15. I can’t figure out why he isn’t getting more playing time, but I do sincerely believe that he has a lot of talent and has shown glimpses of it. I’m sure training with the first team the past year has been an excellent learning curve, but yeah, he does seem to look out of depth against big defensive midfielders and defenders (and not all of them are big and slow…seems like the big ones are fast as well nowadays). He needs playing time, and as Wenger is chasing the title full tilt, he cannot afford to give Vela time to learn in a match unless it’s inconsequential or already won I suppose. Maybe lack of trust that Vela can deliver in the premiership?

  16. Heffy I totally agree with you!!

    There is at the moment no trust at all of Mr. Wenger in Carlos, guess how motivated you must be to came on when the score is 4:1!! I think it is a big mistake, as Carlos could deliver, when he would have the same players on the pitch like the other strikers of arsenal. he always has to play with a second string of player which could not really support him.

  17. Vela wont make it at Arsenal. He doesnt have the upper body strength to play in the Prem and is hesitant in front of goal.

  18. You may want him to go but believe me, Arsene will not send Vela out on loan. All those who play forward, from Van Persie, Bendtner have gone through what Vela is going through and still made it at Arsenal. So Vela needs to be patient. Besides, the world cup is not the end of the world, especially for a young striker like Vela

  19. if vela gets halve da chance someone like walcot gets am sure he will be da second name on da team sheet after da captain

  20. The whole team is the size of Vela…that why Arshavin stated that the team needed taller players. Look, Vela would not be there if he did not have the skills, period. He needs more confidence though…look at Ramsey, he is very confident and is making goals, and is starting to get more time on the pitch. Vela needs more confidence and drive…he has had chances to prove himself but has not delivered…he needs a wondergoal against a EPL team. That will shut up all critics. C’MON VELA!!! MAKE US PROUD!!!

  21. I don’t like him as he’s always diving and feigning injury. Also, as other people have said. He’s too lightweight.

    Also, I’d be quite glad if he doesn’t make the Mexico squad for the World Cup as it should be club before country.

  22. The New invincibles

    Wow Mr Turkey. What a bold prediction… good job us fans aren’t held to account for what we spout in the name of passion. I wonder if u said the same about Flamini, Song and Diaby? Perhaps even Henry after his first few games?. I know I did…. but boy, was I glad to scoff the humble pie! Vela has already shown in the CC that he’s special….. I’m backing him and Wenger, why don’t u?

  23. Messi`s to lightweight!!!!

  24. As one of the great talents in the world of football, training with one of the best teams, Vela will develop whether playing or not. Though, as a fan, I would be glad to see some killer instinct a lá arshavin to separate him from all the other talents. Didn’t Bendtner and Vela have a great partnership some year ago in CC? Also I think AW doesn’t want to play him up front due to his lack of physical presence, but neither is he willing to hand him a start as a LW. Perhaps because he doesnt trust him in the defensive work. And having been part of a team avoiding relegation (Osasuna) as well as one pushing for the title, he will have a lot of experience for a 20 year old. Hopefully he will get a run today against West Ham, score some goals and save Arsene the headache of having to find a striker in january. Burst those forever blowing bubbles Carlos!

  25. light weight yes but he is a very good striker on the day.he gets his chances rut does not take them,and that wont convince Mr.Wenger to be a regular.Dont want him to be loaned Though.he might just vanish like you know…….Keep the lad.

  26. Remember his age……still young…….!!

  27. Damn would be good bayern are in the champions too.

  28. Lightweight? Is this the NFL or rugby? Wenger has said himself size doesn’t. Look at messi. Come on dude. He did great today in the FA he setup the 2 gols and had 3 shots on target. He should be getting more time with arsenal.

  29. vela should stay he just had a wondergul games today against westham had 2 good assist he has a future in arsenal he played well as a left winger hope he stays in arsenal n gets more playing time after this good performance

  30. vela definitely doesnt need to go out on loan to Bayern as that will be a massive step backwards and he will learn very little

    yes i would love to see Wenger give vela more time but to be fair vela also hasnt taken some of the chances given to him…Manchester City, Olympiacos (espcially that game) etc

    BUT i do believe Vela has huge quality and he will come through

    he needs time and must be patient but also persistantly giving wenger a headache

    Van Persie Bendtner Walcott ALL went through the same things

    was it not only a season or so ago that Bendtner was saying he needs to be playing hes not happy on the bench now look at him….Ramsey the same….you need to be eased into the PL especially when your playing for a club that is challenging on all fronts

    and lets be fair if started up front for the rest of the season you cannot rely and rightly so expect vela to score 20+ odd goals that will lead Arsenal to titles

    he must develop that consistency and today at West ham will strengthen him

    I think hes much more suited to that LW role and I think personally that he will be formed into the understudy to Arshavin

    Andrey is what 28 now vela 20….vela will get mintues and develop be patient Wenger knows what he is doing and has done this LOADS of times before

  31. chiklee de uva!!!

    mmmm see vaa a quedar en el arsenal
    para que irse al bayer??

  32. @ Ruben 20.54

    Vela did not have a wonderful game v West Ham, he was shocking! If you guys slip off your latino glasses you will see a player, like Walcott, who just wont cut it in the Prem playing for a top 4 team.

    In 3 years time he’ll be at a Birmingham or a mid-table Spanish side.

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  34. Sometimes we expect too much too soon from young players and place unrealistic expectations upon them, with little regard for their rate and pace of natural development as people and players.

    Vela, Wilshire, Merida, Ramsey, Eastman, Troare, Watt, et al, they are the next generation, Arsenal 2.0. Give this talent base time to grow individually and gel as a team unit, just as Arsenal 1.0, Cesc, Song, Diaby, Clichy, Walcott, Denilson, et al, when they developed together. We’ll see the same Wenger polish and team play from the young Gunners. This is the beauty of the Arsenal system, much like Barcelona, where teams and style of play is groomed together over time.

    Vela’s size, similar to Wayne Rooney, is no detriment. What Vela lacks is Rooney’s pace and power, although Vela’s touch and technique are superior to Rooney’s. He has all the tools in his bag of tricks and, once Vela matures and gains physical strength and speed, Vela will become a very polished striker similar in style to another South American striker, Manchester City’s Roque Santa Cruz.

    Often confidence is key, a fragile thing that, once it’s shaken, can be hard to regain. So, give Vela and the other young players time. They deserve our patience, and we should enjoy watching them grow and play together. At its best, football, like all sport, is intended to give us joy. Watching Arsenal 1.0 play the beautiful game is proof that.

  35. Vela stays and plays the rest of the FA and some EPL. Then you will see him In the WC showing the world why he’s in ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just wanted to ask if any one knows what happened to the rumor of arsenal going after MARTIN GALVAN(CRUZ AZUL).

  36. calitos vela fan

    it is foolish for everyone to be talking all this crap about how he is not grown enough, or that he is not scoring. everytime they put him in he does damage. why cant he show more? because meaby Arsenal don’t give him enough play time to prove himself. meaby it is better for Vela to be traded to another team who would give him play time and really prove himself. that guy talking about latino glasses. all he needs to do is open his eyes and see a true and very youngh player who is not even grown enough to drink here in the us as one of the best.. i am american and all i wish is for him to be in our national team!! Vela is one of the greates names in soccer comparing along with big names like cristiano, eto, and kaka

  37. well vela is lightweight but thats why he runs so fast and his ability to move

    im mexican and i want him too play because mexico dosent have a lot of strikers probably the ones that stucks out the most is guillermo franco (west ham)

  38. i was born in the usa but my heart is mexican and im proud what carlos vela is doing. just want tell yall that time is the key for everything.he young and growing fast he got talent too.

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