Arsenal’s Vela Joins Nike Campaign “Lace Up, Save Lives”

Arsenal forward Carlos Vela has joined alongside Tottenham striker Giovani dos Santos the Nike charity Campaign “Lace Up, Save Lives” to help young kids in Africa to fight against gender illnesses like Aids, Tubercolis as well as Malaria.

Giovani dos Santos y Carlos Vela Cortesía Nike © Derechos Reservados

The Nike campaign is already supported by several football players, for example Arsenal teammates  Denilson and Andrey Arshavin, Chelsea goalscorer Didier Drogba, Inter center back Marco Materazzi, as well as Joe Cole, but also U2 lead singer Bono is a member of this campaign.

This program of the the Nike football company is one of the charity’s they do for a good sexual education for kids around the world!!

Article by – A.Zimmermann


7 responses to “Arsenal’s Vela Joins Nike Campaign “Lace Up, Save Lives”

  1. How about concentrating on lacing up and scoring goals instead Carlos?

    These players are starting to make me sick- bloody Theo spouting on about how he is quicker than Henry…how about learning to cross or control the ball first? Almunia begging the team to be more ruthles….erm, Manuel, how about you learn to come for a cross and catch it?

    Wenger is a bloody joke at the moment, and needs to stamp his feet more often to cut out the pomposity of most of his squad!

  2. Glad you’re back Alex! 🙂

    Dirty Turkey – “blah, blah, blah”….erm, how about STFU?

  3. Dirty Turkey, i can say 100% sure that people like you does not have the right to have opinions. They should be gagged and bound and thrown in deep holes. seriousley….

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  5. Glad this is up and running again!

  6. “The fastest three players I would say are Theo Walcott, Carlos Vela and Armand Traore,” said Wenger. “And yes Theo is the fastest. He has the record on 40 metres. I think it’s 4.72 seconds or something like that. Certainly Theo could have been a 100 metre runner. But Carlos Vela is very fast as well and Armand Traore is not far behind him.”

    They should stick to running and not football !

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