Arsene Wenger Admits That Mexican Hotshot Vela Is Ready Now

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger has told the “News of the world” that he does not want to buy players, to stop the development of his youngsters. The french man especially has mentioned his exciting prospects  Carlos Vela, Aaron Ramsey as well as Jack Wilshere.

“We now have Jack Wilshere, Aaron Ramsey and Carlos Vela ready. They are 17, 18 and 20 years old.

“They should not have to switch clubs in order to be able to play. In that case, all the work we put into them would have been wasted.

“Teenagers at Arsenal are given a sound training in football and an excellent social training.

“They live with guest parents whom we have been monitoring and selecting for years.

“Cesc Fabregas (now skipper) and Philippe Senderos lived with the same guest mother. She brought them to Champions League matches in her little Renault 5.”

For Wenger’s philosophy forcing the development of his youngsters, so that they can later develop to great football players, for that youth system he has received a huge reputation in the Managers world.

When other teams spending big on experience players, Wenger always show his tremendous  believe and faith in his young prospects.

Vela has now joined the Mexican national side for their next encounter!

Article by – A.Zimmermann


16 responses to “Arsene Wenger Admits That Mexican Hotshot Vela Is Ready Now

  1. it`s been sad before, and will be sad many years to come,
    arsene knows.
    I realylook forward to see these three youngsters playing
    the beautiful game

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  3. I heard Vela is in the last year of his contract and have heard no noises if an extention being signed. Does anyone know whats happinin with this. Would be gutted if we lose him a I feel he is a future superstar.

  4. Carlos is under contract at Arsenal until June 2011, so there is still long time but yeah there is no possible extension coming soon!!

  5. we really need to make sure we keep carlos at the club because let’s face it, he’d walk straight into most teams’ starting 11, yet he only gets carling cup football with arsenal.

    what can you do though? bendtner’s obviously higher than him in the pecking order, and with our 4-3-3 he’s up against arshavin, nasri, van persie, eduardo, bendtner, theo, and arguably rosicky for one of the front 3 positions. not easy!

  6. dom i totally agree with you, but let the young lad leave the club would be the biggest mistake which arsenal can do, he can be very special in the future, I know he will be sénsationel, he shows his talent at the CC or FA Cup and on rarely performances in the premiership!

    Surely Carlos is thinking about his situation on the club, but he is a guy with a lot of patience, he knows that he is still in a developing progress, but the pecking order for Carlos at Arsenal is very difficult. I definately think that Bendtner is in no way better than Vela but that is my mind!

  7. The heros of the future footballing greats of Arsenal lies both in the training and football education as well as the care given by the guest mothers. These great women have done a great and unaknowledged job.

  8. Vela might get more chances at arsenal if Mexico didnt play an international every fcuking week. The poor lad must have millions of air miles!

  9. Sort it out Wenger – buy her a better car!

  10. Has anyone seen the recent interview he gave to Arsenal TV? Will there be a report on this site?

  11. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a club photo like we have of the first team with all the guest moms in Arsenal kits, together with additional staff??

    Just to show the appreciation we have for their underrated work. You know a bit of a gimmick recognition statement.

    To Carlos; my eyes are on you to be the next great thing in football. You can put Cristiano Ronaldo to shame. Show that arrogance doesn’t make you a fantasic footballer.

    Wish you luck.

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  13. He definitely is, I agree with the French commander…

  14. cumon carlos

  15. balls l second that motion the host mothers should not be driving r5

  16. I love Arsenal, but seeing this genius of a player on the bench gives me a headache. It is true that Wenger has many players to choose from, but if hes not going to give Carlos any serious game time, he should let him go. It just seems unfair to waste so much of his time.. Players dont develop by playing 14 minutes every 8 games or so.

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