Is Carlos Vela On His Way To Craven Cottage?


With just an hour remaining in this years summer transfer window, a  loan move for young Mexican Carlos Vela  could be possible, as several reports from London linking him with a transfer deadline  loan deal with Fulham Football Club.

Vela has now a difficult ankle injury, which forced him out of action in the first weeks of the new campaign. The 20 years old has won the Gold Cup with his native Mexico and joined then Arsene Wenger’s side for pre season training.

Arsene Wenger wants more match time for the young lad, but he cannot afford him that actually at Arsenal.

It is called that the Arsenal Manager wants a deal which shows Norwegian centre back Brede Hangeland joining the Gunners.

Actually there are negotiations about the possible loan move from Vela to Craven Cottage, but nothing is decided yet.

Is Carlos Vela on his way to Craven Cottage? What do you think?

Article by – A.Zimmermann

27 responses to “Is Carlos Vela On His Way To Craven Cottage?


    • this is old news now apprently he is leaveing for only a loan spell to some spanish i would not mind as long as its only a loan because we already have loads of strikers and he will be back

  2. no . we want carlos in ARSENAL .

    dont leave arsenal ,carlos .plz

  3. Good to be a GOONAH!!

    no chance

  4. prefer not to let him go

  5. yeah but i’m not a miracle!! As well is told it could be possibe, we will see what happened, I’m not Arsnee Wenger or anyone at Arsenal!!

  6. I think that would be a bad idea his pure class and should be allowed to play more games for arsenal – his miles better then Bendtner.
    Why can’t Bendtner go to Fulham Football Club

  7. Yes pplease get that first team experience you need and we will get Hangleland in return! Vela will come back next season the first team choice guaranteed!

    Come on Arsene, we have a surplus of strikers but need a tall strong CB to cover Gallas or TV5

  8. NO! PLEASE LET THIS NOT BE TRUE. Carlos Vela is Arsenal. Carlos if this is true, DON”T!!!!!!!!!!

  9. this is not going to happen..VELA is staying, I rate him better then Bendtner, not to sat Bendtner is a bad player because he is not but VELA is going to be class! why are you making up stuff anyways?

  10. This blog is almost as bad as goonertalk

  11. were buying no one and selling no one and are going to be a couple of players short as per every year for the last 5. typical.

  12. Not gunner happen!!!

  13. CV is an attacking option for us, he could be allowed to go on loan iff we are bringing Chamm from bordeau

  14. Vela is still an arsenal player, no loan deal!!!

  15. i dont think wenger will be stupid to let vela live the club vela is a best striker the club we have at a moment and he is a secret wepon thank

  16. No loan deal, the only way he’d be let go is if we got Chamakh but that didn’t happen. We don’t need another defender we have Senderos.

  17. Thomas Tan

    Why not Van Persie go to Fulham, he is not good at all for so many years. Ser iously, he is not natural with big bodymovement, English players could just br ing him down easily eventhough many ppl claims that he got the best skill in arsenal. Perhaps he did assist few goals, but those are some superpass, many good strikers could not afford not to do that. Ntg special about him to be honest. I have been a loyal arsenal supporter. but, he is just bit more loyal compare to abedayor, but i think adebayor is actually better than him, even bendtner could be better than RVP. SIGH..wad to do, i suppose many ppl is going to oppose my view. the most he could do is tap in balls or hit the bar from free kick, or score from penalty…JUST PENALTY….how can an arsenal 1st choice strike just good in penalty. he could not link up with the mid fielder well, cant link up with arshavin. is either his problem, or the whole attacking side’s fault for not being able to link up with him. i leave this up to u to decide

  18. Send walcott to fulham. Vela could actually contribute something significant this year. Hes our best young talent by far who’s not considered a 1st teamer – and we’ve got some excellent ones.

  19. I see it as a win win situation for arsenal we send vela on loan and get hangeland we. Get vela back next year so ain’t we gaining a player out of it and if u want to b really crawl to fulham we could always recall vela back from his loan spell after a couple of months lol

  20. stay stay vella pleas

  21. i thought i was the only one who realize that Van Persie is no good. all his goals are from PENALTY which mean if we don’t have a penalty, he will never score. it happen in per-season all his goals was penalty and last season too. i don’t know why ppl love him,

    the next person who is messing the game is the goalkeeper Manuel Almunia…. he never keep a clean sheet and he is always conceding stupid goals…..Vermaelen and Gallas are working very hard to keep a clean sheet but at the end Almunia alway mess up

  22. Carlos Vela to where? Not a chance mate, he is staying because we dont really have many strikers and he is a hell of a striker. Hangeland is not all that. He is 29 and will not repeat the things he did last year. He is also cup tied-UEFA. We only want people who can stay 4-5 years at the top but 29, he will be knackered before long. Subotic would have been marvelous, maybe in january when the market has cooled a bit. Look at Liverpool, they bought Acquilani for +£20m and he is out injured before kicking a ball. What mugs they are.

  23. If he goes, shame on Wenger.. This guy is a latin version of Thierry and will never understand why he has not on the 1st team last season. Faster, and more technical than any left forward we have at the time. Mark my words, if he leaves now hes not coming back, arsenal has wasted too much of his time. Some big club like Barca or Inter will snatch him from us because hes got no huge buyout clause nor would cost a lot of money.

  24. Carlos Vela is going to be the better striker that Arsenal has had, since T. Henry. Yes he needs more time to play, but 4 sure if he is send away, would be missed.
    I hope this loan be frustrated, because he is pure quality as a player, besides being an attractive young personality, and pure attraction 4 his wonderful definition and tranquility, where not may have had the extraordinary ways to score goals the way he does.

  25. No I really think Carlos Should stay and play more minutes in the game. I think that he needs more time and Wenger knows when to use him and not… I dont think he’ll leave the team cause so far he as improved every minute he plays he shows his skills so far… but we will see what happens… He did performed a great Gold Cup Final against USA … which made me happy ^ ^ … all that training with Arsenal really paid off for Vela !! he Made his goals … that should be enough for Wenger to look at to make him stay… Oh please, Arsenal is like my most favorite team dont go Vela!! he is the only hope for Mexico too… LOL

  26. dont go vela instead help nery castillo find a team that can give him minutes go vela ela ela from tj mx go vela

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