Carlos Vela News Talks With New Arsenal Online Magazine “Third Gen Portal”

Carlos Vela News can proudly annnouce, that we had an audio interview with the new Arsenal Online Magazine “Third Gen Portal”. The Magazine is presented by James Maasdorp on Third-Gen, a incredible Website about the Arsenal Football Club with a lot of informative stuff.

The Australian based Journalist and Arsenal Supporter has worked long time on his new project and could finally present it on 31th July!!

In the part Quickfire Q/A we have talked with Mr. Maasdorp about Carlos Vela’s ability to fill the gap, which Emmanuel Adebayor left and why the 20 years old Mexican is absurdly popular amongst Arsenal Supporters!!

You can listen here the interview

Article by – A.Zimmermann


11 responses to “Carlos Vela News Talks With New Arsenal Online Magazine “Third Gen Portal”

  1. Carlos Vela is an absolute genious, probably the player I rate the most for his age. With a bit more time on the pitch with the gunners he can become one of the deadliest striker in the world.

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  3. Great site you have here,thank’s for all the insight and time you take to make this wonderful site possible!!

  4. Pieneso que Carlos Vela va a ser una gran ayuda para el equipo. Tiene mucha avilidad para jugar ,

  5. I agree he’s a real find and a gem of a player – let’s hang onto this one.

  6. Carlos Vela is the best!
    Of course he has great talent sent from above heaven:)
    Love him& hope to meet him one day.

  7. I do hope that this is the year Carlos gets a chance to shine for Arsenal. Carlos has proven to have more talent and killer instinct than Bendtner, but somehow Bendtner continues to receive the favour of Arsene, how many wasted opportunities can a player have before being shown the bench?

    If we do not provide Carlos with more playing time, I fear we will be loosing him to other important teams that would not hesitate an instant to give him the playing time he deserves. I can see him going back to Spain and playing for the likes of Valencia and Sevilla, perhaps even land in the Bundesliga or Eredivisie.

    Arsene, please do give Carlos more playing time and let him continue to develop his God given ability, it will give us Gunner fans a good amount of enjoyment and satisfaction.

  8. que paso carlos porque no estas jugando/?

  9. where is he

  10. Alauddin bin abdullah

    Yes ! Carlos is definitely a dangerous striker. As The manager say says, he is dangerous on the ball because you dont know how is he going to score. He is unpredictable. Just like Eduardo, he looks casual, all of a sudden he bursts into action. I like hir style and he doesnt tumble nver easily.

  11. Waooo absolutly wounderful,his a good player with great potentials, please wenger give more chance to prove himself.

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