Arsenal Hotshot Vela Returns And Sends Mexico Into The Final

Arsenal striker Carlos Vela has returned for his native Mexico tonight, as Javier Aguirre’s side won the semifinal encounter with Costa Rica after penalty shootout, so they could  reach the final of the 2009 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

Vela has his comeback, as he entered the pitch after 81 minutes by replacing Cruz Azul defender Fausto Manuel Pinto.

Then Mexico should get their late goal as Guillermo Franco fired home after 88 minutes, but Costa Rica had a tremendous answer, as Admira Wacker Mödling player Froylán Ledezma equalised in the 90th minute.

Both teams could not score a goal in the overtime, so that the match must be decided in penalty shootout, where Mexico showed the better nerves.

Finally 20 years old Arsenal striker Carlos Vela has sent his native Mexico with the last penalty into the final!!

That also means that Carlos will not travel to Austria in the next days, where he is expected in Arsenal’s trainings camp, when he has finished his adventure with Mexico.

Watch Carlos Vela’s incredible penalty here

Article by – A.Zimmermann

16 responses to “Arsenal Hotshot Vela Returns And Sends Mexico Into The Final

  1. Shame he’ll miss out on the hard physical work that the squad will be doing in Austria. He needs that strength and power to succeed

  2. said he traveled to Austria yesterday. I guess they were mistaken lol

  3. well, he is in the middle of a competition…hasn’t really taken a summer break…i hope he gets recall to London soon…I don’t know why Wenger allowed him to stay for this rubber competition since most of the big clubs recall their players

  4. I’ll be at Giants Stadium for the final obviously rooting for the Yanks. I’ll be cringing if the Americans mark Carlos too tightly, though.

  5. The lad has gotten bigger.looks like he could
    be ready to cope with the demands of the EPL
    I hope wenger uses him a lot this season otherwise
    he could lose interest in the club.2 years ago
    the lad was so excited about Arsenal he would
    have paid to class

  6. wenger wont buy another striker because he feels we have enough talent and having not seen vela i bet his expectations are to high for him and wenger has overated vela because he has not seen him in pre season.

    arsenal realy pissy every arsenal fans off in the transfer window the way they go about things vela proved last season he was not good enough in the PL everytime he came on he had little effect would be an amazing championship player thoe

  7. Jay you don’t know what your talking about and clearly have only ever watched highlights on TV ?? Do you have a season ticket or have ever played football to a decent standard !! Did you see any of Vela’s goals ?? He may not have scored many due to the lack of opportunites caused by Adetwat being there, but the goals he scored were of the highest quality !! I suggest you borrow some glasses !! Vela has huge talent and huge potential if he is given a run of games in the right system then he will do very well, unfortunately we have a few senior players in front of him ! However as he matures then when he gets his chance like others he has to take it to secure a place just like in all other teams !

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  9. Its true, if Wenger does not use him.. he will loose interest, i really hope he gives him more minutes next season. This kid has been dying to play, hes fast and top class, im afraid barca will snatch him while hes still affordable… just my 2 cents

  10. mexico play more games than arsenal

  11. I absolutely admire this guy…I hope he gets to play at the Final tomorrow, if he hasn’t well it will be a shame not to see him win with his native team. Yet he has another team, and has to [play] to his duty.
    Either way I wish him the best and can’t wait to see this All star, Hot shot, Gunner, Striker, etc. play!

  12. Happy for Vela who wins Gold Cup for Mexico


  14. Ya i agree Vela should be used properly this season or he will lose interest. It is unfortunate he would be missing Austria but i would say it was good on the part of Wegner for not calling him back in the middle of the tour. Return back to us in good shape Vela 😉

  15. hey te ves mejor en el
    equipo de mexico jajajaja
    que en otro equipo
    ademas te quiero mucho
    soy tu fan #1
    por siempre
    bueno pues bye


  16. wolazzzzz!!!!

    solo paso x aqui para decirle
    a vela k lo admiro muxo
    y ke es el mejor y k de
    eso no kepa duda okis

    weno me despido sin antes decir
    k esta guapisimisimo carlos vela
    y ke lo amo .

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