Arsenal’s Vela Gets Injured In The Opening Minutes Against Nicaragua!!

Arsenal hotshot Carlos Vela had a short performance for his native country today, as he was tackled by a Nicaraguian player in the eight minute of  Mexico’s first performance in this years Gold Cup (Copa del Oro), so that he falls down on the pitch and twisted his leg. He had a intermission on the sideline, before Javier Aguirre must replaced him by Alberto Medina.

Arsenal and Mexico fans are seriously shocked now, but we want provide you with all updates on the injury, if  we know more!!!

Article by – A.Zimmermann


9 responses to “Arsenal’s Vela Gets Injured In The Opening Minutes Against Nicaragua!!

  1. Started to watch the match 30 mins in and saw him being carried off by 2 physios and it didnt look good. He might be out for the whole tournament which might not be a bad thing for Arsenal as he wont be shattered for pre season when he comes back.

  2. Wat a miss for mexicans. . .

  3. Began following the game online on and when I saw that 5 minutes into the game, Nicaragua – David Solórzano took a shot at him (Vela). I turned to the tellie to see the rest. The website has better pictures of the game and Vela being taken off the field…. Nicaragua 0-2 México : )

  4. omggg noo :[ ..they took him
    to the hospital :[
    hope every thing is good.
    vamos vela tu puedes!!!!

  5. Please tell us he’s going to be alright. He will have a much larger role to play next season, especially if Ade really leaves.

  6. Gilbert gunner

    I hope he comes back early, he his a spectucular player, i mean Arsene said it himself ,”he is like an Eduardo type”. He has something Adebayor doesnt have and thats how to finish off 1 on 1.

  7. broken or ligaments?

  8. There is good news for all Gunner and Vela fans, because Carlos not suffered the firstly predicted fracture in his right fibula!! After scans in the Oakland Mercy Hospital the doctor Dr. Radames Gaxiola could stop our worries!!

    “He has a sprain in his right fibula, but it is not that serious that the whole tournament ends for him here. If he recovers very well he could be back on Thursday when the Mexican Side face Panama.”

    On the other side, of course there is now a big risk, if he features in the upcoming matches. Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger will of course call the Mexican Medical stuff, to get all new updates about Carlos injury!!

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