Carlos Vela News Officially Presents Their New Header!!!

For all Gunners Supporters and Vela Fans around the world, the Carlos Vela News Team is proud to present their new header!!! We are hoping that you like it, so that you can enjoy with us the coming campaign of the 20 years old Mexican!!!

In other News, Carlos Vela News can announce that Carlos Vela will not leave the Gunners, as rumours coming through in the last couple of the days. Furthermore Arsene Wenger is impressed by the qualities of the young Mexican and would not let him go, as well as that Carlos is not keen to leave the club, because he loves the Arsenal!!

Our informations saying that Carlos will sign a new long term deal, when he comes back from international duty with his native Mexico. Vela will feature soon in the “Copa del Oro”!! After long term deals for Ramsey, Wilshere, Gibbs, as well as soon Van Persie, Vela could be the next on Mr. Wenger’s future list!!!

Article by – A. Zimmermann

22 responses to “Carlos Vela News Officially Presents Their New Header!!!

  1. Clockend Lloydie

    You are proud to ‘presence’??? Don’t you mean ‘present’? Is English your first or second language? Come on now, you need to do better than that, fella!

    • his first language aint english so thats pretty unfair..i bet you cant write in many if any other languages like he can

  2. Clockend Lloydie

    In fact, check your copy before you post. There are other errors in your piece.

  3. Mate.. its “presents” not presence 😉

  4. hello, what time does the mexico match with vela playing in tonight kick off in english time, if you know? thanks..

  5. Hey guys, i’m not a natural english speaker, so please give me a chance and forgive me some mistakes!!!

  6. Kickoff for the match against Nicaragua is tonight on 12pm english time!!!

  7. Kick off for Vela tonight is at midnite in the UK, or 1am cet.

    as for the mistakes in the spelling and grammar, who cares – we all make mistakes and we can all understand what zim is saying. phonetically correct anyway.

    Great news indeed if carlos could extend his deal, i look forward to seeing more of chipper this coming season! As for the new header – it looks very industrial. Needs a little more vibrancy – afterall, its for Vela.

  8. cheers, looking forward to it

  9. So someone provides a service no-one else is providing and you pin-point his spelling mistakes? Are we back to school or what? Show some respect please, the guy just said Carlos may renew when back from International duty. THAT is what you should care about.

    Keep it up Alex.

  10. Keep it up Alex. I only wish I could write Spanish as well as you do English. It’s a good blog on one of my favorite players.

  11. has vela gone off injured in the mexico match??

  12. Vela is off by injury, he got a tackling from opponent player and fall down and twisted his foot

  13. ohh, bummer

  14. Hey nice website keep up the good work!

    For all those bashing because of very minute spelling mistakes show some respect, his English is extremely good and far better than I bet any of you could produce in a different language! Some of the ignorance people show is beyond belief!

    Big hopes for Vela next season!!

  15. i’m with andy on this, shut up you haters. i wanna know all things carlos, and this site provides that 😀 haha

    i look forward to reading this next season as im sure you’ll have a lot to write about!

  16. Thanx for the updates Alex. This is the first time am stopping by your blog, and am quite impressed and feel thankful to you for the updates.

  17. I hope vela signs for at least 3 years for the gunners

    PD: Then what is your fist language? ´cause mine is spanish and “copa del oro” doesn´t really make sence

  18. What’s with the chastizing over bad grammar? Who cares!? This is a reliable site for news on Carlos Vela. We should all be happy that this site exists and not take it for granted. Keep up the good work, this site is very good.

  19. vela…!i really want to seen u always first team place in my loving arsenal team!my guy’s should be get chance to play for aresenal…team…i hope he will be great history in arsenal…..try hard!you are really great finisher…!i always…wana..see ur gools… every….arsenal’s games!

  20. i love you carlos vela

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