Arsenal’s Vela Enjoys Time With Family In Cancun, Quintana Roo

Arsenal hotshot Carlos Vela has arrived actually in his hometown Cancun, Quintana Roo, where he enjoys his spare time with his family. Vela hopes to forget his dissapointing adventure witht the Mexican national side, as he was suspended in the first game, but he has also to  sit out the whole 90 minutes on the bench , as Mexico romped to a lucky 2:1 win over Trinidad and Tobago.

The 20 years old took part in a interview with our Friends over in Cancun, which you can read exclusively in the following sentences.

“I just come to visit my family, because these are the only days where we have a little bit time off from the Mexican national side, before the Copa del Oro starts! There is of course no better place for me, as to come to Cancun to visit my family”

“I cannot go away, without visiting my family, because i did not have so much chances to see them.”

“I am very calm in this aspect, my plan is to  return to my team (Arsenal) without any problems and also I want to finish well on the actually stage with my native country”.

“Every year I have improved a lot, so that I’m on a really  good way, but  it is necessary to keep on working, so that it will be better and better.”

“The victory helps us very much for the Mexican selection, but you still see that we lack something at the moment. We need to score more goals and get our job  done to get the chance to feature in the World Cup. Javier Aguirre has his style and he is demonstrating it, to keep on working with him and to do what he wants, We hope and we must  keep on extracting victories.”

With many thanks to Jair Ramos!!

Article by – A.Zimmermann


5 responses to “Arsenal’s Vela Enjoys Time With Family In Cancun, Quintana Roo

  1. Guardado, Vela, Pardo, Marquez, and others. How comes these guys can’t beat the Yanks in America?

    • Paulinho, I think it is a mentality issue. It is like why the Americans can’t beat the Mexicans in La Azteca. Its a mentality issue it also doesn’t hurt that La Azteca is seen as a fortress. I have to admit the Mexican National Team has been on a decline, we do have good players that are abroad but they can’t seem to work collectively.

  2. The US isn’t bad it’s just when we play a top class side we get exposed but how can it not be expected there are no US players playing at a world class side so how can they beat people who are world class?

  3. Mexico beat Trinidad & Tobago not El Salvador 2 1

  4. Mexico is struggling. So is the USA on the world stage. Bobby Gee Check out my blog.

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