Carlos Vela: Season Review, does he have what it takes?


With glimpses of an up and coming world class player, we have only seen partial appearances of the Mexican at Arsenal this season. Many ask the fact why this is and believe just like me that he should be getting more games in.

We have seen him on several occasions earlier on in the season in the Carling Cup producing some outstanding goals and a real attacking force up front. We can see him as a future first striker for Arsenal and unlike some who say he might not make it. Many would object to this to a certain extent.

It could take time for the 19 year old to adapt in the first team but the big question is, would it be wise to send him out on loan?

We would like to hear from you and how you see his career at Arsenal.

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Article by – J.Loizou

32 responses to “Carlos Vela: Season Review, does he have what it takes?

  1. northbanklegend

    Vela should have gone out on loan in January. For his development a season long loan deal to say West Ham or Wigan will be the best thing for Vela.

  2. i dont think he should be sent on loan. as we are already short of strikers. and looking at the current events at arsenal i dont think there will be another signing for a striker.

  3. He is young and will get more consistent and strong. He has a great chance.

  4. DON’T SELL HIM/LOAN HIM to anybody!!! A year away means no goals from him which is what we need!!! Come on now Arsene, dubbed the ‘Lethal finisher’ by us Goons, we know he has potential far superceeding such past-its as Adebayor.

  5. He needs more Premier League experience ! I hope Wenger will loan him to Portsmouth, Bolton, West Ham, or Fulham in January next year !

  6. Vela will become a world class player and 6 or 12 month out on loan in a premiership club could give him a huge boost when coming back to arsenal.
    Anyway I want him to remain at the club

  7. he is a reason why i wouldnt care if van-persi doesnt renew his contract,this kid is awesome. with more games i think he’ll become like a david villa type player whose able to take on defenders and a predator eye for goal.


    a loan deal could be what he needs, i think that fulham would be a perfect club for him, or stoke

  9. Ofcourse he is good enough. It is well known that Wenger does not send his most promising prodigies on loan including Fabregas and this is why Wilshere was not put out on loan. Vela was brought back to Arsenal at the first possible opportunity hinging on international clearance and although it is true he may not have played enough games a large reason for this is the effects he suffers from long term journeys for international duty. However when he has played he has been impressive showing strength , speed and finishing prowess and i believe his goals to starts ratio is not bad either? Anyone who saw the goal against Wigan live can tell u about his quality as it was reacted to with almost disbelief. He is another crowd pleaser like Arshavin and gets people excited when he is on the ball. I think for the next few seasons he will gradually be integrated into the first team just like Walcott and will reap the benefits as i also believe he is of higher ability and posseses more qualities than Walcott although he has adequate pace himself. Good luck for the future Vela. Step up to the plate when you get the opportunity which i think may be soon in Adebayor’s departure.

  10. Fransis uganda

    This Kid iz just too good to be benched yet arsenal has strikers that start almost all the games and dont even get a single shot on target in the whole match. I wud prefer loanin him than benchin him.

  11. As long as he becomes more consistent and he doesnt disappear in games, he should stay with Arsenal. Either Adebayor or Van persie will leave this summer and Vela has the ability to take his chance. I would have liked to see him a bit more in the premiership and he has shown he has great link up play with Eduardo, Bendtner and Arshavin.

  12. Desert_Gooner

    I say loan him out in the summer, and bring him back in January.

  13. Carlos Vela could be the type of tevez player that we need; a dimunative, hard working, clinical striker. Obviously not now due to the fact that we have van persie and a centre forward is really desired, but in 2-3 seasons the expectation could be met and we could have an excellent striker on our hands – not prodigy.

  14. Should have gone out on loan this season, but I hope and think he will play more often next season. As many others, I have a hard time understanding why he didnt start more than he did this season..But if he were not to suceed this season playing more often, probably a lot of our spoiled fans would ask for experience and to kick him out..
    This lad will be a world class striker for sure!!

  15. we know he’s got the talent but is he ready to start regularly in the premiership? He’ll make it but its very soon for him

  16. Are you guys watching the same player I have this season? Yes some of his finishing has been class but mainly I’ve seen him outpaced, out fought and out-thought when he’s played against non-championship teams.

    He WILL be awesome, but at the moment a season in the Championship or at a Prem team is exactly what he needs ala Jay Simpson at WBA. Toughen him up a bit and let him appreciate what it means to be a Gooner.

  17. Good article providing a topic of discussion, and with the painful coming months of no football almost upon us, we need these!!

    Carlos vela shouldn’t go on loan and I predict will not go on loan. A player like Bendtner needed experience tussling with first team defenders but it would not benefit Carlos in the same way as super Nic.

    Carlos’s game is based on movement, pace, combinations with team mates and in the end and most importantly finishing….. where better will he improve on all that than training every day at ashburton>??

    Like so many players at arsenal he will be great in a couple of seasons but he could shine brighter than the majority (not Wilshire!)

  18. No loan please. Once the injuries start coming, squad depth will be a big issue.

  19. Vela is a very good striker and also a very good left winger. Arsene did the right thing not to sent him on loan as due to his international duties and long travel, he would have overburn Vela. Vela’s class is above the level in the Championship. Remaining at Arsenal and training with them, makes him get experience from player like Arshavin and also to adapt to the Arsenal’s style.

  20. African Gooner

    he will prob play against stoke….. wenger used a week team at the end off the lst term

  21. i think a loan to a premiership team will be of great will bring out the best out of him. if we loan him to team where he gets regular first team experience and score some goals his confidence will reach sky high.which will surely accelerate his growth rate.

  22. Carlos Vela – too much expected, too little delivered!!!

  23. I think if we sell adebayor and don’t bring anyone in then he’ll stay. Remember we’ll probably have Eduardo, Van Persie, Bedntner, Walcott, Arshavin and Simpson all able to play up front so I doubt we’ll buy another striker. The 20 million or so raised from Ade’s sale will be used to address other areas.

    I’d like to see a lot more of Vela.. he looks an outstanding talent. If only he was like 22, Arsene would be more inclined to play him!

  24. Beleave me you, Vela is much better than the strikers we have already.He does not fear entering the box. He is attack minded, not selfish and patient even when he sits on the bench for a season!

  25. He will not play vs Stoke, African Gooner.

    Wenger said he will use the players who played most games during the season, hence no Carlos.

    Nice article yes, to answer the question, we can’t say, and it’s a shame, as we saw very, very little of Carlos. Having said that, aside from the game against Sunderland where he missed two glorious chances, he was awesome.

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  27. Agree with North Bank Legend

    A loan to West Ham would be great. PLay the same style and Hammers play a similar style to us – would do him a world of good.

  28. I’d definitely not put him on loan. Next year he’ll be far more ready to make cameo and cup appearances, and who knows, if he impresses the boss he could easily start pushing for a regular place.

  29. Michael Jambwa

    vela is a good striker.W ith Wenger’s blue eyed boy Bendtner around this young prodigy will not play many games despite being better.There is no way we can compare Bendtner and Vela,the young man is very clever and can score goals if given a chance.He should not be loaned.

  30. Chicago, IL u.s.a

    HELL YEAH HE SHOULD LEAVE !! But not as a loan but a SALE !! He should push 4 a sale, im pretty sure that any mid-level team in da premier would want him and would start him !!

    SELL VELA please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I will like to see him next season still with Arsenal but getting more time in.
    Vela is such a great player with unique abilities and should be given the opportunity to show what he can do.

    good luck next season to all arsenal in general

  32. Carlos Vela is world class player in the making..
    It’s true that he needs more time in his belt to prove his ability.. But I don’t think a loan would be a solution for his future..
    There are few reasons:
    1. Mr. Wenger
    The man in Arsenal.. I doubt carlos would be able to develop his career if he is not under his guidance..
    Just look at Anelka (sorry to chelsea fans).. He was probably the most promising striker during his arsenal seasons.
    But what happen to him after he moved away.. This kid need to be kept under Mr. Wenger guidance, just like how he transform fabregas..
    2. Arsenal are short of quality strikers.
    I’m an arsenal fans and I have to say that we don’t have a striker that can guarantee 30s goals a season.. Adebayor’s case was a fluke..
    Look at this season.. He did score couple of wonderful goals.. But he did miss lots of 1 on 1 chances, which is a taboo for a striker..
    Van Persie.. Skillfull, world class, but I just don’t have the feeling he is the one.. I’m not going to comment about Bedtner..
    Eventhough he is talented and contribute to this season.. But, you can expect him to do much..
    Another that came close to my expectation is eduardo, if u look at his prolific record, he could be the our best bet.. But this is premier league mate..
    All tough tackling is a tradition.. After the horrific injury, I doubt he can get back to his best..

    In Vela, I saw a striker that can potentially surpass our legendary Thierry Henry (not in terms of height.. LOLs) he has the pace, strength, skills, eye for the goal, determination, and a team player..
    He can only developed under a right person.. And to me.. There are none others than Arsene Wenger..

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