Is Carlos Vela Heading Back In Mexico’s Line-up Tonight?

Arsenal Striker Carlos Vela has travelled to Mexico for two very important World Cup CONCAF Qualification clashes with his native against Costa Rica and Honduras.

Vela wasn’t  involved by “El Tri” head coach Sven Goran Eriksson on Saturday, because the 20 years old was serving his two match suspension at the Azteca Stadium.

Finally “El Tri” find a way to get the vital three points as they battled Costa Rica two nil down.

Vela hopes to be back in the line-up tonight ,when Mexico take on Honduras in a very important away clash at the Estadio Olimpico to Honduras.

Last informations from Mexico claiming that Vela was fully back in training, so that  the chances are big for a start. Everyone in Mexico knows that Eriksson cannot left his most talented player out.

It would be another big step for Eriksson’s side, although the Swedish manager is not loved by the Mexican’s yet.

Kick-off will be at 2.30am English time!!!

Article by – A.Zimmermann

10 responses to “Is Carlos Vela Heading Back In Mexico’s Line-up Tonight?

  1. Quality post Alex…but actually I hope Vela doesn’t play so he avoids any knocks when returning to London.

  2. Vela is taking part tonight. He is warming up right now. They really think highly of him and Dos Santos. They showed an interview with him and kept on focusing on him during the warm up. Sadly my Spanish isn’t that good lol.

  3. Honduras is up 2-0 in the first half. Sven is in trouble.

  4. Dude he’s banned for 2 more games. It’s because of a red card. He didn’t play last time because he was banned, not because of a knock.

  5. Honduras won 3-1. Vela played the whole game and won the penalty for Mexico. Nery Castillo took it. Hard times for Mexico.

  6. Vela wasn’t a ‘unused substitute’ last Saturday seeing how he was serving his 2 game suspension ..

  7. GunnerRashidinho

    It’s not like he’s going to play against City anyway.

  8. ahh 2.30 am!! i was thinking about watching that but thats kinda late

  9. Sorry mates, but he already missed two matches with mexico but the rule is very complicated, becuase he must banned from to qualifiers!!!

  10. are u gonna be playing againts columbia??????

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