Unlucky Vela Frustrates Against Sunderland/ CVN Quits Partnership With Gooner Talk


Young Mexican Carlos Vela had a very unlucky day, as his Gunners failed to score against Sunderland in a very vital Premiership clash yesterday.   

Vela has looked scared on the pitch, as well as his finishing was awful on this day. Carlos was introduced for new Gunner Andrey Arshavin with about 30 minutes on the clock, but missed out two tremendous opportunities, as he sent a 8 yard left footed effort wide, as well as he mishitted another 18 yard left footer horrendously.

Finally it wasn’t his best day as an Arsenal player, but only with negative moments you can grow to a big football player. The only good moment for Vela came, as he sent a fantastic cross into the box, but no striker (Bendtner or van Persie) were in the centre to convert this chance.

 At least you can say that Arsenal played very poor without any inspiration to this game.

Next up for Carlos is the UEFA Champions league clash, when Arsenal take on AS Roma at Emirates Stadium on tuesday night! 

In other news, we want inform you that Carlos Vela News have cancelled his Partnership with the Website Gooner Talk, because of a few insurmountable differences between both Administrators. We can confirm that Mr. Wheatley’s Website Gooner Talk will  get no longer support from Carlos Vela News in any form. All links will be deleted!

Article by – A.Zimmermann


9 responses to “Unlucky Vela Frustrates Against Sunderland/ CVN Quits Partnership With Gooner Talk

  1. I was also bemused by Vela’s missed chances. I mean, those were balls he should really have put away. But the only reason those misses look costly is because of how the rest of the side looked.

    This hasn’t changed the way I see Vela though! Quality player.

    Cheers Alex!!!

  2. What happened with you and chris?

  3. Everyone misses chances every now and then..
    One or two misses doesnt mean anything..it happens to strikers.
    Just keep on going … Vela is afterall a quality player. Just needs to be more calm in front of the goal.. he can do it,

  4. Good on you Zimmerman…. Gooner Talk is full of sh*t

  5. Surprising misses, but not so disappointing providing how the rest of the squad performed during that match.

  6. vamos vela! 😦

  7. he was just on the wrong side. while he did probably rush a little taking the shot but taking it with his left foot resulted in the ball curling away from goal. He favours his left foot to much to have cut inwards taking it with his right which may have been easier.

    I’m sure when he’s playing his natural position more centrally this wont be as much of an issue

  8. my english was rubbish in that last post but im sure you get the gist of what i meant

  9. เป็นกำลังใจให้ค่ะ^^”

    1 มีนาคม !!!

    Happy Birthday *

    สู้ๆ ~

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