Vela Gets Premiership Experience As Arsenal Struggled Again

19 years old Arsenal striker Carlos Vela has handed his longest Premiership performance yesterday aftenoon, as he was introduced by Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, because of an injury of Ivorian International Emmanuel Eboue.

Vela got finally 54 minutes and made a decent performance, but it was a very tough match for the Gunners and they could not reach more then a scoreless draw against West Ham United at Emirates Stadium.

Carlos has worked very hard on the left hand side, tried also to use his pace and technique, but West Ham’s defensive line was very well organised by former Arsenal player Matthew Upson. Vela has provoked also a couple of free kicks in good positions, but Arsenal failed to convert their chances.

With 20 minutes to go Vela had a great moment, as he delivered Emmanuel Adebayor with a perfect cross, but once again the Togolese international with a poor finish. Just 4 minutes later, Carlos came through the back line and went down on the ground, but the referee Steve Bennett said no penalty, as well as booked the young Mexican with a yellow card.

Next up for Carlos is the FA Cup 4th Round replay against Cardiff City!!!

Article by – A.Zimmermann

3 responses to “Vela Gets Premiership Experience As Arsenal Struggled Again

  1. Hope we stick by him because he put in a decent corss for Ade which should´ve been buried and was more of a threat without having a blinder, than Eboue has had this season.

    If AW wants to give youngsters a chance he should play the likes of Vela and Wilshere because these two have qualities that none of our other options atm.

  2. Carlos is a brilliant young player who needs as much time as possible on the pitch. He is skilful, exciting to watch and has so much potential. He also works really hard for the team and is not afraid to track back and tackle to regain possession. Looking forward to seeing him play regularly.

  3. i definately place vela above bentder in alll areas. vela is already better and he has alot more room for improvement then bentdner. vela has better atttitude.
    i think we should be patient with vela. he has shown glimpses of amazing skill and finishing. but recently he hasnt played much for arsenal as he has been playing alot wit mexico. id like to see him more on the wing to help him learn the speed of the game.

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