Vela Back On Bench As Van Persie Secures Arsenal

Mexican international Carlos Vela has returned for the Gunners on bench tonight, but was finally a unused substitute, as Arsenal striker Robin van Persie secured the Gunners with a last minute equaliser at Goodison Park.

Vela saw a poor match from his teammates, where finally David Moyes side was so close to get three very vital points in the battle for the UEFA Cup places.

Gunners Manager Arsene Wenger has given again under fire Emmanuel Eboue his faith, as he was introduced after 72 minutes for french right back Bacary Sagna. 

Actually Vela was not involved for the Gunners in their last three fixtures, but he hopes now to get minutes, when Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger prepares his squad for the London Derby against West Ham United at Emirates Stadium next weekend. 

Article by – A.Zimmermann


9 responses to “Vela Back On Bench As Van Persie Secures Arsenal


  2. wtf is wrong with wegner, is he retarded???

  3. Seriously, how can he not use Vela. I have always defended Wenger but this is getting out of hand. We have to stop using those bloody useless Diaby and Eboue, they are shite. I want Vela in the starting line-up right now. Adebayor could really do with some time on the bench. I keep thinking Carlos would fit great with RvP and could use his pace to run onto the Dutchman’s balls. We need Arshavin and we need some better team selections.

  4. Vela not playing at all is very surprising. With him on the field, Nasri goes into the centre and our creativity and movement increases dramatically. Hopefully, our coaches not only noticed this change but implement this change. i know Wenger talked about it, that’ s good but DO SOMETHING> DON’T JUST TALK>

  5. ————–RvP————-




  6. I just can’t believe what wenger is doing. Everyone can see that Vela must be on the pitch. He brings flare and creativity to the park. We only have Nasri who can do this. How comes all arseanl fans can see this but the coach. Do you think that we are going to win ANYTHING with the likes of Song, Eboue and diaby on the f****ing pitch, you are having a laugh. Mark my words wenger, and sort it out now before it is to late. Play VELA on the right NOW

  7. frankly speaking we may not need signings wenger’s team selection is getting worse. so we believe in young blood but when you have young blood like wilshere six times better than eboue and denilson then play the older ones!!!!!! it terribly beats my understanding.
    vela can hold the ball cross the ball better than eboue. what is about this guy that continously put him in the squad. if you are there and you still know why a player whose last good cross was in the emirates in the 2-1 victory over man u, is still in the squad up to now please enlighten could earn yourself a fiver.

  8. Longing to see Carlos given more time on the pitch. Whenever he has come on he has made a huge difference to the team.

  9. Keep the faith Mr Vela, you will get a good run soon. You have the skill to be a very strong player in the EPL

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