Carlos Vela’s Day In Quartine

As most of you might have recently heard that due to swine flu scares Carlos Vela spent a day or two stuck in his house, chilling back in his hot tub. Well not exactly his hot tub but you never know. A day off, might as well make the most of it. Though all jokes aside the day was pretty crazy for him filled with mix emotions and stress. So here’s how the story goes….

Around 9 oclock in the morning a couple of men knocked on the Vela’s apartment, informing him that he cannot leave his house under any circumstances. Apparently due to his Mexican buddies visiting him there were scares of swine flu infection. At first Vela took this lightly and thought this was a probably a prank but when he looked outside his window, he saw a bunch of men dressed up in “Space Suites” (as he describes it) “carrying firearms and tranquilizer darts.” Good time to freak out. I bet this was the perfect time to hit the portable hot tubs, sit back and let the stress flow .

Just when he thought day couldn’t possibly get any worse. He receives a call, and to no surprise it was Arsene Wenger on the other end. A little irritated, Wenger wanted to know why Vela wasn’t practicing and getting ready for the Manu game on Wednesday. Vela tried to explain his situation to him, but for some reason Arsene wasn’t fetching. To convince him further, Vela promised to bring in a note from the authorities explaining the whole situation. All in all it came down to an ultimatum that If Vela doesn’t practice he won’t play against Manchester United.

So around this time, worry started to settle in about the situation and the upcoming game. Given how big the game is Vela definitely wanted his time on the pitch. Around 1ish he saw his friends developing some flu symptons, running nose, shivering and sweating. Vela decided to Google up the symtoms of the flu to make sure that his friend was okay. Unfortunately not. This was not a happy moment for Vela. He was nervous and didn’t know what to do. He checked his gun to make sure it was ready to go incase needed (Not exactly a scene out of 28 Days Later but whatever) .

Though fortunately it didn’t come down to using his gun. Around 5 oclock doctors came in and took a look at this friends and him. Gave them a few shots, took his friend to the hospital for further checkups. Another hour after this Vela was allowed to go out again to his relief. A day in quarantine started with a thought of a nice laid back time in the hottubs to almost killing someone for survival. Wicked how things change.

Oh and one more thing. I read this story somewhere and thought it was worth a share. However it’s completely fictional. Good to have you back Carlos Vela.

This is a guest article

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