Wenger: Carlos Is A Great Finisher


Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has delivered praise out to Carlos Vela before the UEFA Champions League tie with Fenerbahce. In Arsenal’s last game they picked up numerous injuries and suspensions, and this could be Carlos Vela’s time to shine. Many Gooners have been waiting for Carlos Vela to be given more of a run in the first team, this could be his chance.

The boss said.

“Vela is one of the answers, Carlos is an outstanding striker, he will be a top goal-scorer and is one of the best finishers I have seen.

“He is 19 years old and playing at a top, top club. We don’t believe that he needs to improve his finishing or his technical quality, we just need him to adapt to the combative side of the English side of the game.

“He is responding very well at the moment and it will give him something more and make him a top-class striker.”

Carlos is expected to be involved in Saturday’s Premier League tie with Champions Manchester United, stay tuned to Carlos Vela News for all the latest news on the Mexican starlet.

6 responses to “Wenger: Carlos Is A Great Finisher

  1. Vela le va a dar mucho al futbol mexicano, es un gran jugador. La delantera con Giovanni Dos Santos va a ser genial.

    Te espero por mi blog. Un saludo!



  2. I’ve been waiting to see when this kid will be given a run in the team. He has skills that would come good against tough tackling gueysers but Wenger keeps him on the reserve. Had he been brought in against Spuds he would have cased mayhem in the defence which VP could have taken. I think Wenger sometimes needs to told he is getting on a bit.

  3. Wenger has the knowledge to speak this way, I believe him if he says so.
    I’ll keep an eye on him in today’s match (f he plays that is)

  4. vamos carlos echale ganas y vas con la seleccion nacional

  5. eres genial. tan chavo, ojala sigas mejorando, kisiera estar yo en tu lugar. mmmm mira que uno de los mejores tecnicos elogiandote no es cualquier cosa. no desperdicies todo esto.
    como muchos…

  6. hey can the person that writes this blog can you post wat carlos vela said on his interview for arsenal tv(the second one)? please?/

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