Wenger Explains Reasons Behind Vela Absence

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has cited International football and intense travelling as the reasons behind Carlos Vela’s continued absence from the team.

Vela is yet to make his Premiership or Champions League debut, and has been left frustrated on the sidelines. But Wenger admits his hand has been forced over his involvement, with a troublesome groin issue hampering his progress for Mexico.

“We don’t see Vela a lot because he goes to Mexico last week and then goes again next week to Jamaica to play two games. Then he will come back a bit late for the game we play away.”

However, whilst the 19-year-old is not currently in the team, the Frenchman has promised that Carlos will get regular football, but he must be patient for the time being.

“But I am confident he will play an important part in the season, but at the moment he is away. He is a top class player.”

Article By – A.Zimmermann & J.Sanderson


21 responses to “Wenger Explains Reasons Behind Vela Absence

  1. Just shows how pathetic International football is!

  2. just can’t wait to see him in action

  3. Vela was always on Int duty on FM2008 🙂

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  5. There are many more games to come where he will be of much use. Be patient Vela

  6. So why was he on the bench the other night.Surely a 20 minute run out replacing the totally incompetent Dane would have been ok.

  7. thats bull….
    arsen just wants to keep playing adebayor, van persie,
    also he found his new little puppy nasri.

    i think nasri is a great young player.

    i just want vela to get a little bit of playing time. give him the the last 10-15 mins in a match if you have to, but just get him on the pitch!!! he scored goals in preseason!!!

  8. That “incompetent” Dane had 2 assists and a goal

  9. northbanklegend

    Vela should get a run out tomorrow, the way the other strikers are playing he could be the breath of fresh air we need up front

  10. blackhelicoptersarecoming

    Against Fulham, I was crying out for Nasri to get pushed inside for Denilson and let Vela come in on left mid … to me that would have created some distribution from the middle and given a nice attacking option from the left flank. As it was, Denilson was colour blind and kept passing to Fulham players.

  11. MR ihate2sayARSENAL

    bendtner is shit, i think we need benzema and alonso

  12. they should have left him in osasuna.
    atleast he was getting some action there.

  13. carlitos should be ahead of adebayor, van persie, bendtner. vela is arsenal’s best striker AFTER Eduardo da Silva.


    really want to see him play soon.

  15. Yes I think Vela is so much better than that prat Bendtner who I dont rate at all What Wenger sees in him I dont know at all He3 as watches the same game as me so he must see that Bendtner does fuck all in the game, if he thinks he is better than Vela he should be sacked. I think Bendtner is the worst Centre forward I have ever seen at The Arsenal in The 50 years I have supported them, Come on Arsene show your worth and just get us a central Midfielder to look after Cesk and I will be Please Tony ,

  16. If le boss plays him and fatique affects the boys game, he could be out for even longer due to injury or loss of form. I believe nuturing him into the side when he is on top form, will also help his game and confidence especially as the league and country is a lot different from spain! BEndtner just had a bad game, cant believe dats all it takes for the vultures to jump on his back! HE’s not shit, and football is not a game of FM and pro evolution, u dnt just go and buy benzeama and alonso like your clicking a bloodly button.

  17. Whats the status on his “injury”. Is he in the squad for the newcastle game. He was great in pre-season with Bendtner. He is very like Eduardo. Hopefully he proves to be as clinical.

  18. Keep it up Vela, hope he gets lucky next time, and scores his first Goal.. We’re expecting big things out of Vela in Mexico.. im sure he wont dissapoint us.


    Echale Ganaz Vela

  19. He,s 19 u idiot he,s a big boy playing men lets see in 2 to 3 years

  20. Wenger clearly sees Van Persie & Adebayor as his main partnership with Vela and Bendtner as a 2nd pair. Obviously Eduardo’s return will help mix it up in the new year but I can’t see Wenger throwing Vela or Bendtner (two superb prospects) in at the deep end so early in the season. They’ll both get their chances though especially since neither Adebayor or RVP are very consistent!

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