Arsenal’s Vela Plays 60 Minutes In Mexico’s Win Over Honduras / Exclusive Quotes

Arsenal striker Carlos Vela played 60 minutes yesterday evening as his native Mexico forged a 2-1 victory against Honduras at the Estadio Azteca in a FIFA CONCACAF World Cup Qualification match.

100.000 fanatic Mexican’s saw a very hard fought win for Sven Göran Eriksson’s side, as they secured the win late in the second half, thanks to goals from Stuttgart midfielder Pavel Pardo.

The away side got their lead just after 35 Minutes, as Julio Cesar de Leon drilled a free kick into the top right corner. Mexican goalkeeper Oswaldo Sanchez tried to prevent the goal, but he missed out.

Vela had a good game in first half, with some great runs as well as a few little chances to give Mexico their goal.

With 73 minutes gone Mexico got their equalizer, as Mexican midfielder Pavel Pardo got a rebound and fired then home his long range effort.

And the “El Tri” secured the win two minutes later, as Pavel Pardo’s right footed free kick from long range found the back of the net. The Midfield player proved to be the hero with two very crucial goals for Mexico.

Carlos Vela played 15 minutes in the second half, before he was replaced after an hour by his teammate Omar Bravo. He looked very confident also in the second half, but with a goal down Eriksson has decided to give two fresh strikers then a chance, as well as of course it wasn’t Vela’s best game.

Carlos said after the match to the Mexican Press:

“At first it was a little difficult, because they scored the early goal, but the important thing is that we win. We don’t despair on the scoreboard and in the end we could turn it”

“In the end we got the victory that we have needed, to make the right step on this new stage and from now on we can work with more calm and could prepare us for the next parties”

“I believe that the Estadio Azteca weighs very much for us, because they never stopped supporting, that is very important”

“Exclusive translated by Carlos Vela News”

Article by – A. Zimmermann


4 responses to “Arsenal’s Vela Plays 60 Minutes In Mexico’s Win Over Honduras / Exclusive Quotes

  1. The boy has enormous talent. We can just expect instead of hope that Vela becomes a real star to reckon with.

    I saw him in this game and to me, wasn’t bad at all.

    By the way, nice report Alex.


    GO CARLITTO!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. amazing player

  3. he did the best that he could, the problem was gio was to busy starring at the crowd of 114,000 thousand people.
    vela was left alone up top to fight out every ball against a very fast and strong honduran team. gio really left him out to dry.
    if vela would have started the game with blanco,bravo or even franco, it would have been a better game from vela.

  4. @paul

    I absolute agree with you, Gio and Vela that cannot work , because Gio has not show any inspiration to the game and Vela tried to keep the ball and win the ball, but Honduras made a fantastic performance, it was a tough evening for the Mexican side.

    I prefer Carlos up front with Guillermo Franco, because that partnership is amazing!!

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