Vela Talk – Vela’s Pre-Season Analysis

Welcome to a brand new feature on Carlos Vela News, ‘Vela Talk’

Vela Talk allows fans to give their views on the Arsenal and Mexico forward, whether you support Arsenal, Mexico, Salamanca or Osasuna, this is your opportunity to get involved.

Each week we catch up with three fans who give their analysis of Vela on a certain subject, giving you the perfect chance to discuss the 19 year old.

This week we caught up with Jamie Sanderson (Young Guns Journalist), Kelvin (Malaysian Arsenal Fan) and Marissa (London Based Arsenal Fan)

This Weeks Subject – ‘How Did Vela Perform Over Pre-season’

Jamie Sanderson

Carlos has made a bright start to his career here, and the fact he has quickly made friends with Denilson and Walcott can only help him settle in. His debut against Haladas was a little shaky and i felt he had no luck, and a goal would boost his confidence because he looked really lost.

Against Burgenland he blossomed and the manner of his goals were fantastic. Sure Burgenland were a really poor side, but the quality of his strikes was really superb.

No doubt he has some things to work on, i think he needs to get stronger, he needs to release the ball quicker, and hold it up better. But his pace, energy and lethal finishing give him a solid base to build on and it’s something that sets him apart from Eduardo a little.

Eddy is very similar, but he doesn’t have the natural pace Vela brings to the table. I believe pre-season gives him much confidence, as well as an idea of what he must improve on. Remember he is only 19 and he cannot expect too much too soon, but it’s because of Vela i am really looking forward to the Carling Cup.


Throughout the Arsenal’s pre-season, Vela was one of the players whom I was eager to see playing. This Mexican player is very interesting as he possesses good technique, good strength, diligence, and of course the footballing brain needed in this game.

I did watch some of the Osasuna games which featured Carlos Vela, who then impressed in the Pamplona side for a couple of times. His experience in La Liga and Liga Segunda have also helped toughening him up for potential physical challenges in top leagues in Europe. Such education is something Arsene Wenger would want his young players to go through and thus Vela should feel very fortunate to have such opportunity to work with experienced players.

Therefore, it wasn’t that hard to see that Vela’s first pre-season game for Arsenal were pretty pleasant to watch, when he combined hard work and his knowledge against Hungarian side Syombathelyi. Albeit a short 45 minutes, I personally felt that he does have the quality to succeed at Arsenal.

The Stuttgart game gave us a more in-depth look on what Vela is able to do on the pitch. His constant running obviously showed his determination to win the ball back when the team didn’t have the ball. There was one thing I did not anticipate from Vela in this game was the surprisingly good understanding he had with Bendtner, which benefitted the Mexican forward to score the equaliser at the Mercedes-Benz Arena.

There were more to come for Vela. On several occasions, he fought off challenges from Stuttgart and held the ball well. Then came the time when Vela read Bendtner’s intention by giving the young Danish striker a returning pass, which was then converted into Arsenal’s second goal in the game. This understanding, which I’ve mentioned earlier on, was not what I expected and there is every chance for the Vela-Bendtner partnership to flourish in the very near future.

Emirates Cup was up next. Arsenal faced Juventus with a very young side, and Vela started with Bendtner upfront. In this game, I felt that he did not get the service he would’ve wished from Arsenal midfielders but yet again, his diligence was shown on the pitch. At this moment, he might still need some time to fit into Arsenal’s game but I was pretty sure that once he has managed to do that, he’ll eventually be a very good player for Arsenal.

As the UEFA Champions League 3rd Round Qualifiers are fast approaching, Wenger might opt for his best starting 11, and Vela might have to be contented on the bench. However, in my opinion, Carlos Vela will be given a chance as a substitute in the 2nd half if Arsenal are in a comfortable situation, i.e. 2-0 or 3-0 up. And this is the chance that Vela should grab and try to impress Le Boss.

All in all, Vela has every ingredient to become a successful footballer at Arsenal. I just get the feeling that Wenger will blood him in the Carling Cup in the first six months and then used Vela as a secret weapon, similarly to what Wenger has done to Eduardo last season, in the 2nd half of the season. Rest assured though, as we’re witnessing the rise of another Mexican superstar in North London. Of course it’s the Arsenal side of North London that I’m talking about.


Despite being in the squad that travelled to Underhill to face Barnet, Vela sat on the sidelines and watched the team secure their first win.

Vela’s Arsenal Debut finally came 3 days later against Szombathelyi Haladas where he started upfront with Nicklas Bendtner. Although Vela played only the first half of the game, the pair gave glittering glimpses of what can be expected from this exciting new strike force. Vela’s and Bendtner’s thrilling partnership wasn’t to shine out till the 10-2 romping of a select Burgenland XI where the pair dominated the first half getting 6 goals between them. Vela’s 3rd goal to give him his first Arsenal hat-trick came in the 52 minute.

Despite not starting the game against VfB Stuttgart Vela and Bendtner helped the team with a goal a piece in the second half showing that the 7 goals in the last game was not a one off. Vela produced an excellent finish that made the visitors level to the fury of ex-Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann and to the delight of Arsenal fans.

Vela’s home debut came against a highly experienced Juventus team. At times Vela could be seen to look uncomfortable as the challenges came in; however his skill were shown in a game that ended in defeat, only the second at the Emirates. I, like many were expecting to see a mouthwatering rematch of the Carlos Vela – Sergio Ramos clash but only the former played. Vela came on as a substitute and had his fair share of good runs against the Spanish giants.
Vela played 45 minutes against Huddersfield but failed to score.

Vela wasn’t included in the team who won 3-2 in the first game of the Amsterdam tournament against Ajax, but his solo goal the next day against Sevilla was enough to win the tournement again in a 1-1 draw.

Vela only missed two games of pre season but still managed to rack up 5 goals. Despite some amazing performances Vela looks set to make his debut season like many other young Arsenal players do, in cup games and as an occasional substitute in league games. Vela looks like he could be moulded into a fine player after his excellent run in pre-season as well as his international performance but only time will tell what will become of Arsenal’s young Mexican.

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Article by – A.Zimmermann, with thanks to Jamie Sanderson, Kelvin and Marissa

5 responses to “Vela Talk – Vela’s Pre-Season Analysis

  1. great article keep it up

  2. Vela possesses all the qualities necessary to become an Arsenal legend and I have every faith he will fulfill his potential. This is going to be a very exciting season and I hope Carlos gets to figure prominently.

  3. Magnificent article, Alex. Keep up your great work. I LOVE THIS SITE!

  4. Magnificent article, Alex. Keep up your great work. I LOVE THIS SITE!!!

  5. kudos, to the maker of the site.

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