Arsenal Supporters Create Carlos Vela Chant


Arsenal’s supporters have created a chant for Mexican starlet Carlos Vela, where the tune is based on the music hit “Que Sera”.

“When I was just a little boy
I asked my father what would he be
Is he like Wrighty, or Titi henry?
Here’s what he said to me

oh Vela Vela, our Mexican superstar
He’s better than Lou Saha
oh Vela Vela… (repeat)

Many thanks to “Fabregas the King” from our partner site to find out that !!!

Article by – A.Zimmermann

29 responses to “Arsenal Supporters Create Carlos Vela Chant

  1. should be canotna…. not lou saha … sorry!

  2. cantona even…. lol

  3. cool!!
    he have scored 4 goals for arsenal and counting..all d best vela..break the TH14 record and bring the glorious moment for arsenal!!

  4. Should definately be Cantona. It fits better

  5. What a tuneeeeeeeeeee!

    Can’t wait to hear this being sung at some games next season – especially away.

    Keep the great work up BerlinGunner.

  6. I prefer one posted by paul fenton on the same article on Arsenal Insider that goes:

    For he’s a jolly good Vella
    For he’s a jolly good vella
    For he’s a jolly good Vella
    And so say all of us

    It’s more catchy and simple making it easier for everyone to sing together.

  7. @ Fabregas Dad!!!

    I like both, but this is the brand new one!!!

  8. mike - gunner fan79

    Hey lads what about this
    Adeby adeby adeby
    ah de boy yes the boy
    he can score
    adeby adeby adeby
    ah de boy he can score.

  9. well we will have the two of them 1 for home and 1 for away come on the gunners

  10. I don’t know why it’s Saha. I mean, who rates Saha? Cantona is a legend for the idiots, at least it could have been someone else with a better rhyme.

    But nice song though. If we keep it Saha’s name, it will even bring the injury prone French striker’s reputation up – like we actually rate him to think our Mexican superstar is better than him.

    CARLITTO VELA!!!!!!!!!

  11. Definitely cantona, or even kaka,
    I’m better then louis saha

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  13. You should really give Fabregas the King credit for this from arsenalinsider

    Cite your sources brother

  14. @ mondo,

    Of course I will give him his credit, because it is a partner site!!!

  15. The new Ramsey one:
    “oh aaron ramsay
    he is our welshie,
    he came from cardiff,
    to bring us joy,
    he said to fergie
    “you’ll never get me
    cos I’m now, an Arsenal boy!”

    been going down well already

  16. ade will score than last season

  17. come on guners we need to win this season

  18. We definitely need to change it to “cantona” and it even sounds better. So “He’s better than Cantona Oh Vela Vela”

  19. Owzabout…
    Sung to Rhianna’s ‘Umbrella’ (lol)
    ‘We got Carlos Vela, Vela, Vela, eh eh eh
    We got Carlos Vela, Vela, Vela, eh eh eh’

  20. arifrahmanlubis

    in championship manager, Vela perform great. :mrgreen:

  21. what’s the tune for the ramsey song, really narks me when the words go up but no tune………..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  22. twotouchmiracle

    All the Vela songs suggested are pretty brill. And yes I include the Rihanna riff. It’s hilarious and alll the lil’ nippers will be able to join in.

  23. How do you do? may i take your picture? but i want to make better my web

  24. oh carlos vela-oh carlos vela!!!!!!
    ur by far arsenal’s best fella

  25. On that site ther was a good idea instead of lou saha we could have jew berba (if he stays at spurs) i like the cantona idea too!

    rooster1108 im guessing but i think its sunshine, my only sunshine, you keep me happy when skys are grey….etc

  26. i like the ‘que sera’ chant for vela. but why not use drogba! so…..

    “oh vela, vela! our mexican superstar! he pisses o-ver drogba! oh vela, vela!

  27. To the tune of The Macarena.

    What can you do when you’re playing Carlos Vela
    You can’t takle him ‘cos he’s such a fast fella
    His shots rain down so hard that you’ll need an umbrella
    Heeeeeeeey Carlos Vela!

    Please feel free to add to it or change a line if you can think of something better.

  28. What do you think of this song I made based on Rihanna’s Umbrella

    “He’s our star and he’ll shine forever,
    Stop this Mexican no you’ll never,
    Left-footed striker you can’t defend,
    He’ll keep fighting until the end,

    His strikes at goal are always clever,
    He moves on the pitch light as a feather,
    You can not stop my Carlos Vela,
    you can not stop my Carlos Vela, Vela, Vela, Ve, eh, la,
    Not my Carlos Vela, Vela, Vela, Ve, eh, la,
    Cant stop my Carlos Vela, vela, vela, ve, eh, la,
    Not my Carlos Vela, Vela, Vela, ve, eh, la.”

  29. Do any of you even go to games? If you did you’d know that none of us sing anyway! Plus even if we do it’s only ever generic football songs with a maximum of two distinctive, Arsenal related words. Who the fuck is going to sing a Rihanna song at a football match? It just sounds gay and we’ll become even more of a laughing stock. The que sera one is good but I’d rather sing “shits all o-ver Drogba”. I’d be amazed if any of you are season ticket holders. EMBARASSING!

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