Carlos Impresses On Arsenal Debut – Exclusive Wallpaper

Carlos Vela finally began his career with Arsenal on Tuesday as the Gunners scrapped a hard fought draw against Sybonsayi Haladas.

Vela, wearing the number 12, partnered Nicklas Bendtner in attack, and looked composed and ready as Arsenal began with attacking flair.

Vela left the fans frustarted in the early minutes after chesting down Wilshere’s cross when it seemed a header would have been the more natural option. However, his neat inter changes to link to strike force and midfield meant the fans were soon supportive of the 19 year old. He held the ball up expertly thoughtout the fixture, but on occasions looked a little lost when going forward.

Theo Walcott would get the vital equaliser with a low angling shot into the far corner via the post, after Krisztian Kensesei lobbed Haladás into a 24th minute lead.

Half time brought a whole host of changes from the manager, with Armand Traore replacing the Mexican.

To celebrate Carlos’s debut, Carlos Vela News is offering an exclusive new desktop wallpaper!!!

Article By – A. Zimmermann & J. Sanderson

3 responses to “Carlos Impresses On Arsenal Debut – Exclusive Wallpaper

  1. Vela cant wait to see him in the premiership,


  2. vela is quality, he should do well. good back up for nasri to start.

  3. bertie wooster

    i like the wallpaper, is there any chance of getting a version without the “carlos vela nes” writing? or atleast smaller writing?

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