Wenger Replaces Vela With Coquelin / Young Guns Win Against Barnet


Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger opted last night to replace Mexican forward Carlos Vela with new Gunners’ recruit Francis Coquelin, after the prodigy sustained a leg injury in Friday’s training session at London Colney.

Arsenal TV had also announced in their weekly show “Fans Forum” that Carlos would be not involved, but gave no reason to why the 19-year-old wouldn’t play. Today in the morning, news from the Arsenal Team comes through, that the young 17 years old french man have earned Vela’s place in the 24 Man Squad to face League 2 side Barnet.

The Mexican starlet was an absentee as Arsenal’s young Gunners sealed a dramatic 2-1 win over Barnet. In  a very tough game for the Gunners, the League 2 hosts grabbed the first goal after 16 minutes, a left footed free kick from Kenny Gillet stunned the away side. Arsenal’s first team struggled in the first half but they turned it around in the second half thanks to goals from youngsters Jay Simpson and Nacer Barazite.

On 64 minutes, Arsenal found their equaliser, the impressive Jack Wilshere cut inside from the right wing to play a through ball to Jay Simpson and he finished the ball with aplomb. Arsenal got their second as Simpson produced a fantastic ball to Dutch winger Nacer Barazite and he slotted the ball into the far corner to seal the win for Arsenal.

Let’s hope Vela fans that Carlos will be involved next time!!! 

Article by – A.Zimmermann


12 responses to “Wenger Replaces Vela With Coquelin / Young Guns Win Against Barnet

  1. A good second half performance by the young reserve side had Barnet on the run, impresive performances by Simpson, Wiltshire, Couquelin and Ramsey backed up by Bazerite, things are looking good for the young boys, pity about the very poor show put on by the first team players with the accepyion of Ramsey who was head and shoulders above everyone else, watch out Denilson your place is not secure, same message to Theo who had a shocker he’d do well to watch a real young pro’s like Simpson and Wiltshire for information on how to use your head and the ball when playing for the Arsenal!!

  2. Arsenal is a capable team.i love the ages of my team

  3. i just can wait for the start of premiership tournaments guys and the championships

  4. I saw Vela there supporting his fellow Gunners

  5. omg!!! he got injured!!! hope is notin serious

  6. I wish c.vela a good comeback and i wish the entire team a good pre season a trophycom season in may

  7. i hope Vela will play tonight against that Hungarian side, cant wait to see him make his debut !!

  8. t................ kidddd!!

    vela is greazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy . he is one 2 watch dis season . he is betta dan cristiano ronaldo no one can say shitttttttttttttttttttt.

  9. t................ kidddd!!

    i think vela should be number 10

  10. t................ kidddd!!

    u people r waste mans .u think vela is crap . ur dum whoever thinks that

  11. dhfuahfhdfuhuhadfuhuhdfuhuhauhuhsdaffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffhsuihf


    da gangstas

  12. I am writing from Mexico. I think that Carlos Vela is going to reach a superstar level in short time. Just let him start a couple of games and you will see!

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