Carlos Vela Officially Joins Arsenal – First Interview

Arsenal striker Carlos Vela has given his first official interview after rejoining the Gunners for pre-season training, speaking on a whole manner of subjects to

You can read in full what the 19 year old had to say below.

On finally linking up with Arsenal:

“I am very proud to finally be here and I am truly very happy,”

“I have been waiting three years for this moment and now I am here I will work very hard to earn my place in the first-team and I hope to be at this club for a very long time.”

Meeting up with his new team-mates, and settling in

“The players have received me very well and been very welcoming. Of course, it takes a few days to get used to everything new but, little by little, I will find my place and be ready to perform for the team.”

His views on the time spent on loan in Spain

“It has helped me, first of all it taught me what it was like being away from your home country – that helped me grow up as a person and as a player. I think that the Spanish and English style of football is the best in the world. I think also that playing against the best players in the world can only help me grow as a player.”

On how playing for a bigger club will help him develop, and on targets reached at Osasuna.

“Yes to be honest the (Osasuna) team wasn’t the strongest in the division but it is in that kind of situation you learn more. The whole experience was a big lesson for me.

I think that I achieved the targets I had there because I had more minutes on the pitch, gained more experience and today I am here at Arsenal, which was the ultimate aim.”

His views on which position he will be playing in for Arsenal.

“The manager hasn’t said anything to me about that yet,” he added.“But it isn’t a problem for me as Arsene Wenger can judge for himself what position is best for me to play. It is good to have the option of playing in both positions in case of injuries or if a player is missing.

“Above anything else I just want to play in the first team, it doesn’t matter what position.”


His ultimate aim for he season

I hope that this season we can be fighting to win the league.”

Article By – J.Sanderson & A.Zimmermann

4 responses to “Carlos Vela Officially Joins Arsenal – First Interview

  1. I love that boy….Our rivals should get ready for a good fight.The boys are hungry for success.We love u Vela.I hope twist defenders as u have been doig at asasuna

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  3. Good on the lad; he seems determined yet patient enough to wait for his time. I’m really looking forward to this guy playing in the first team.

  4. plz give the biggest gallary download

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