Nervous Vela Accepts Premier League Challenge To ‘Grow As A Player’

Arsenal striker Carlos Vela has revealed he is willing to accept the rigours of the Premier League to become a better overall player.

Vela linked up with his new team mates on Monday, and admitted before hand that he was nervous, but excited about his return to London.

“Yes (I’m Nervous) because i will meet new people, with a different language. I know everything will be difficult, but I’m very motivated and delighted to arrive.”

The 19 year old then spoke about how Arsenal can develop his game, and believes the Premiership is the perfect place to help nurture his talents.

“It (The Premiership) is important for further progressing as a player.”

While he will be living on his own in London, having close friend Giovanni Dos Santos living near him is something which will make the transition easier.

“I’m glad to have a friend here, we will be safer together because we understand a lot about (English football).

“Of course England has the best league, but i also think the Spanish is great”

Article By – J.Sanderson & A.Zimmermann


10 responses to “Nervous Vela Accepts Premier League Challenge To ‘Grow As A Player’

  1. cant wait to see carlos play for the greatest team in the world. been waitin for this the last 3 (or so) years.
    is he available for the barnet game?

  2. I believe Carlos will do well in Arsenal, he has come to the best club he can ever be in and as such only the best will come out of him, hope he keeps up to our expectations.

  3. go carlos!

  4. Don’t over hype the lad. He is a good player but no more at present. Lets just hope.

  5. Anthony (His Cousin)

    Carlos Will Not Play Against Barnet FC

  6. carlos is a great!!!! BUT LET’S WAIT. we dont want carlos vela having the same problem giovanni had wit barca. that everybody expected a lot from him and at h end well he wasn’t able to fill every body’s expectations.

  7. bertie wooster

    I’m so excited about next season. carlos has already shown himself to be a legend with the comments he’s come out with.

  8. I read on the Arsenal website Carlos was named to the squad for the Barnet team. Hope he is able to make an appearance with so little time actually training with the team. Cant wait.

  9. GunnerRashidinho

  10. can the person that writes this page post what carlos vela said in his interview with arsenal tv ?


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