Arsenal Kit Launch – Carlos Vela ’12’ Shirts Selling Well

Last Thursday saw Arsenal launch their brand new home kit for the next two seasons, and as fans rush out to buy the replica jersey, one name and number combination has seemed to be rather popular.

Whilst many Gooners chose the more established first team players to have on the back of the tops, the Carlos Vela shirt has been selling in rapid numbers, despite the fact the Mexican starlet is yet to play for the club.

The intrigue around his imminent arrival at the club has seen many friends of the blog snap up the Vela 12 kit, who have informed us of many Gunners also buying the 19 year old’s replica shirt.

You can see how the name and number looks on the new kit below.

Article By – J.Sanderson & A.Zimmermann

30 responses to “Arsenal Kit Launch – Carlos Vela ’12’ Shirts Selling Well

  1. I’ll be getting Ramsey 16. Happen to know a few Man U fans I’d like to wind up!

    Internet Gooner

  2. I’ll have too !! i was waiting for him for 2 years..He is such a talent…Wish he just stays put and let Wenger turn him into another super star !! He has all the ingridients though..Best of luck Vela

  3. Brilliant article.

    Great graphic, he seems to be getting more popular by the week.

  4. I’m proudly wearing his number and name on my back and looking forward to the emirates cup!

  5. Cannot wait to see him next season.

  6. i bouth the new kit today from jjp and i printed 12 vela on the back of my shirt.

  7. Vela is a class player and hopefully da fact that he has gotten the number 12 shirt means he will play often

  8. hope he lives up to the hype

  9. I was gonna get Nasri, but i think i may switch to Vela now!!!

  10. Wont be gettin the home kiit cz of sleeves pretty pissed of at tht, but defo gunner get the away kiit wid the 1 n onliii vela!!!

  11. CARLOS VELA THE NEW SUPER STAR . im waiting 2 see how walcot will play this season, and hope merida and gibbs play unlitle because they are arsenal’s feature.

  12. the new shirt is a fkin disgrace…how dare they remove the white sleeve which make us so distinctive? Looks all red from the back….honestly the depths this club it heading towards.

  13. V12 will be legend!

    For christ sake! Stop moaning over the kit! Yes the sleeves should’ve been plain white,but it’s still Arsenal!! I’m defo. getting it to support the club…ARSENAL FC!!!

  14. V12 go fuck yourself….its the history of the club we are talking about and nobody who matters seems to give a fuck…..

  15. edinburghgooner

    I think the lad will be an absolute star for us and I really hope he gets the breaks – He has worked hard and always sounds like he actually has some love for the Club that has stuck by him and given him his opportunity – C’mon Arsene if you aren’t going to buy then give him a chance – alright maybe not 38 starts but let him show what he can do – GoonerChris by the way – like the fact you are supporting the efforts of other bloggers but hardly a BRILLIANT article – This and Young Guns though are worth far more than some of the sh!te out there – good luck to them

  16. georgesydaust

    joppa, if you want to get picky, the history of the club etc etc Woolwich Arsenals first shirts were the ones we ‘borrowed’ from Notts Forest, plain red.

  17. I’ll still wait for no.8 Nasri… I dont care…

  18. I bought the away kit at The Armoury at the Emirates on lauch day there was no doubt who I was going to get printed on the back of my shirt. Vela 12! I’ve been waiting 3 years for this guy. THe number 12 gave the hint to get him because he looks like he will play games. Along with Ramsey and Walcott will get more starts.

  19. cant decide!
    Walcott 14
    Vela 12
    Clichy 22
    Cygan 10

    im a wreck

  20. looks like man u numbers

    I’d get Fabregas 4 but I support Inter Milan

  22. I guess too many fans have been playing Football Manager, and will have a shock when they figure he won’t be scoring 30 goals next season…………………………………………

  23. i got to agree with ola, you guys are expecting to much from carlos vela in his first season, great player with alot of potential but it will take time

  24. I don’t like the new t-shirt and I’d rather buy the 2007-2008 season one here in Chile.

    If I could, I would put the 11 for Marc Overmars.

    Anyway, I’m really glad Arsenal fans are expecting great things from Carlos Vela. Ola, obviously he won’t be scoring 30 goals, and I even doubt he will have too many minutes in the field, but Vela has a great future, and I hope that will be in Arsenal.


  25. I’d go for Hlebayor 69

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  27. 1. Almunia
    2. Sagna
    3. Clichy
    4. Cesc
    5. Toure
    6. Gallas
    7. Rosicky
    8. Nasri
    9. Eduardo
    10. RVP
    11. Vela
    12. Diaby
    13. Ramsey
    14. Walcott
    15. Denilson

  28. i would get ramsey or vela too top class players but i support man city and arsenal is my second best team

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