Argentine Legend Valdano Heaps Praise On Arsenal’s Vela

Former Argentine football player Jorge Valdano has heaped praise on Arsenal striker Carlos Vela, saying he made the correct choice to go on loan rather than trying to break into a competitive Gunners strike force at a young age.

Speaking with El Mercurio Online, Valdano spoke of his admiration for the 19 year old:

“Instead of staying in the Reserve or youth team at Arsenal without competing, he went to smaller teams to play every Sunday. That is the only way you can learn”

Valdano also admitted his disappointment that the Mexican FA chose to appoint Sven-Göran Eriksson who was officially unveiled as coach last week.

“Eriksson is going to find it [Mexican football] and unknown project. From this it will create uncertainty”

“He will certainly have complications”

However, Real Madrid technical director Ivan Zamorano has rebuffed these claims, and says Sven has the experience and credentials to be a huge success.

“Eriksson will overcome this problem very quickly, with his intelligence because he has very intensive experience”

Article By – A.Zimmermann & J.Sanderson

15 responses to “Argentine Legend Valdano Heaps Praise On Arsenal’s Vela

  1. Jorge Valdano played up front with Diego Maradona for Argentina when they won the world cup in 86, n’est pa?

  2. ya! vela is going to be great for arsenal and he will do very great in the carling cup playing with bendtner and eduardo up front with walcott on the right wing and a supportive midfield and strong young defense.

  3. his quickness and dribling skills will help arsenal.

  4. right annoying man, have correct it was just a typing mistake!!!

  5. Onyokor Isaac

    He will be a player to watch at every game,belive me,he will be arsenals Ronaldo.

  6. England and MCFC’s loss WILL be Mexico’s gain unless they squander the value provided by Sven-Goran ERiksson (and his extremely talented and loyal personal assistants) like his previous two perfidious (and competetively suicidal?) employers.
    England lost only 5 competitive games under Eriksson then crashed in flames for Euro 08 without him. Now England may face Mexico (if we qualify) for World Cup 2010….. Any bets on the result?

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  8. no1fran_merida

    what he has actually said is bull as he had to go on loan he did not chose do so because of the visa problems. gonna be a great player tho.

  9. he could have arsenal gone to last january

  10. Vela has shown great commitment and dedication to a three year project to get him to play for The Arsenal. i cant remember any player being on loan for so long and becoming a full international without one appearance for the gunners. love this kid already for his Arsenal journey, becoming a hero for two Spanish clubs and his country in the process. he has officially been an Arsenal player for two years now, one and a half perhaps. incredible.

    fully deserves Lauren’s number 12

    Vela 12
    arsenal servant
    ‘the new Bergkamp’

  11. Dear, arsenal fans my message to you is carlos vela is going to become a legend at arsenal two very experiencing years on loan will really do him good now its just the matter of adapting to the premier league and thats it he will be scoring goals

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  13. GunnerRashidinho

  14. I saw him last year in Torornto at the FIFA under-20 World Cup, and he played along side his over-hyped, tunelled visioned- team mate Giovanni, now apprently going to Spurs. Along side the Argentinean, Serio Argueo, the Chilean, Mathias Vidangossy, and the Nigerian Oladapo Olufemi, as strikers/midfield players, Carlos was the stand out, his intelligencemost of all. He doesn’t burn people with speed, although like most Arsenel players, he has lots of it. However, he has acceleration rather than raw speed; that economy of movement, on and, most importnatly, off the ball, that creates space for himself and other players, in that case for Giovanni. Do Santos, to be fair, has a lot of room for improvement, but he’s immature, hogs the ball too much, percentage wise does not score as many goals as he should, and is very wasteful. In contrast, Carlos has, like most especially Dennis B. before him, that virtue or economy, and knowing when to move and run, shifting his body with minimum movement that can turn defenders the wrong way, to open up space. There was moment in the tournament when he had his back to the goal on his left side, he tuned as if going tight, pivoted back, and shot a ball that thwacked the bar in an instant. If there were points in the game for near misses that deserved a goal, he would have gotten. it. He’s a genuine star in the making, a young man with a lot of graceful poise, confidence, but also modesty, and I cannot await to see him and Theo together; they will “terrorize” (– oh dear, well you know what I mean) a bunch of defences this season.

  15. where did you get this article from

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