Arsenal’s Carlos Vela: Exclusive Quotes After The Belize Clash


Arsenal forward Carlos Vela was giving a statement to the popular Mexican Television channel (TV Azteca) after the clash with Belize at Houston, Texas. Vela won the game with his native Mexico finally with 2:0, where he scored the opener after 67 minutes. 

As well he was looking forward on Saturday, when Mexico again take on Belize in Monterrey, Mexico. He talked about the things, which Mexico need to improve.  

“What we wanted to bring home was a bigger result, but in the end we got only 2 goals, which are good for us. I hope that for the next game we can take more advantage of the spaces they leave, so that we can score more”.

“Of course we wanted also to win by a better result, but sometimes it just can’t happen, because there were only a few spaces and it was very difficult, but we show our spirit that we were the ones that really wanted to win, so finally we are ok”.

“In football you have to win sometimes with more goals but sometimes only with one or two goals, but the important thing is to win and to be in the next round, so we can think of the World Cup, that is all what we want”.

Article by – A.Zimmermann

4 responses to “Arsenal’s Carlos Vela: Exclusive Quotes After The Belize Clash

  1. Any highlights vid of the Mexico v Belize game? Or Vela’s opener?

  2. yes mate

  3. kool man u 2 run sme sikk sites man, enjoying them both, keep it up.

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