Arsenal’s Carlos Vela Scores The Winning Goal Against Belize

Arsenal prodigy Carlos Vela scores the match winning goal, as he won with his native Mexico against the no name side in world football Belize at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas in a World Cup 2010 Qualifying Match. The mexican side had a hard game, because Belize made for their potential a amazing performance, as well as that the team from head coach Ian Mork was excellent organised.

It was a great atmosphere at the Reliant Stadium, as Mexico had the opening opportunity, as Andres Guardado sent a corner in, but Carlos Vela missed the chance to give Mexico the lead.

25 minutes gone as Mexiko was looking for the lead, as Andres Guardado fired a long range effort on goal, but the ball was saved by Belize Goalkeeper Shane Orio.

Mexico had then the best opportunity in the first half, as Carlos Vela was running near the back line and did a great cross to find Fernando Arce on the far post, but he failed to slot the ball into the net.

With a dissapointing halftime score of 0:0 for the mexican side went both teams back into the changing rooms at the Reliant Stadium for their 15 minutes intermission.

5 minutes gone in the second half, as Antonio Naelson “Sinha” fired a effort on goal but the ball was saved by Belize goalkeeper Shane Orio.

But Mexico should get their goal after 66 minutes, as Luis Perez sent a free kick from the edge of the area on the post, before Carlos Vela tap in the ball from a rebound situation.

Belize had then two good opportunities, first a Deon McCauley effort, as well as a good chance for Deris Benavides.

Fernando Arce tried then with just 15 minutes on the clock to save the three points, as he fired a effort on goal, but the ball was still saved by the great goalkeeper Shane Orio.

The game was over then for Carlos Vela on 77minutes, as he was substituted by Jared Borgetti.

The game was finshed with a not clear situation, as Tervor Lennen fouled in stoppage time Fernando Arce in the 18 yard box following a corner and the referee called a penalty, who was coverted by Mexican topscorer Jared Borgetti.

Vela had a really good game, but it was also difficult as the only striker to get space. He created much for his teammates, as well as that he grabbed his second goal in two sucessive games. Next match for Carlos is another World Cup Qualifier against Belize in Monterrey.

Highlights of the Match

Article by – A.Zimmermann


11 responses to “Arsenal’s Carlos Vela Scores The Winning Goal Against Belize

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  2. brilliant report, well done Alex

  3. I was there and it was a tough game but Carlos did an excellent job and nearly had another goal in after his first goal but a defender knocked it out. And the next game is in Monterrey, Mexico, not Mexico City.

  4. thanks Christina, to tell me!!

  5. No problem. Just trying to help out. I read your blog daily. Thanks for the good work. I enjoy it very much.

    I will be there in Moneterrey for the game. I am really looking forward to it.

    Vamos Carlos!!!

  6. Vela is a very talented young player, but he’s going to need minutes and still has a lot to learn. I think that in a couple seasons he’s going be amazing. Waiting for him to develop is going to be worth it.

  7. go Carlos, he is a snicky little guy lol. His aways in the right place at the right time to score those cheeky goals haha. He was great that whole game to me. Aww Christina your lucky, I wish I went to the game.

  8. im appauled by people who are saying C.Vela’s goal was just a tap in. Please scrutinise the video.
    just as the freekick is about to be taken, he takes 2 steps forward, then stealthily takes 4 steps back. the defender who was between the penalty spot and the 6 yard box was aware of the kick comin in and the rebound, but Vela’s lightning quick pace saw him overtake the defender and clinically slot home the goal. Vela showed his awareness, speed, striking instinct and ability to carve something from nothing, something that will make him great in the Arsenal shirt. Hope he gets no14.

  9. Hey guys, dont get to excited about ma boy VELA.. he’s gonna need some time to adjust to his new team.. so dont get dissapointed if you dont c that many goalz @ da beginning of da season.. BUT READ THIS… CARLOS VELA will score 10+ goals on his first season, and thats just the beginning of an era. YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT, he’s going there to make history.


  10. 1 more thing treat him good.. he’s just a kid



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