Carlos Vela Learning English & Is Ready To Help Arsenal Fight For Honours

Arsenal striker Carlos Vela is taking time out from his busy schedule to concentrate on learning the English language. He told Chicago based website that although his vocabulary is limited at the moment, he is putting the hard work in to change that.

“I’m still not very good (At English) but I am studying and I hope soon to be able to talk well so that the language will not be an impediment”

During the interview he went on to speak about the important World Cup qualifiers, with the first of a double header against Beilze on Sunday. But the main focus was about Arsenal, where he feels he finally ready to fight for a place.

“It will be very difficult. I’m going up a level to a better team and players. But I will fight for a place and hopefully it will happen fast and I can play from the start”.

“Now I have a chance. I hope I can seize it and be there for a long time. In Spain I was playing for a team that was trying to avoid relegation. Now I look forward to another challenge to play for a team that will be fighting for honours and also in the Champions League”

You can read a full report of both Mexico matches against Belize on Carlos Vela News next week.

Article By – A.Zimmerman


9 responses to “Carlos Vela Learning English & Is Ready To Help Arsenal Fight For Honours

  1. gd news. is carlos a quiet and nice person, or is he arrogant like dos santos. what i ve heard is that hes a gd bloke

  2. i reckon carlos is a gr8 player, A.Zimmerman who would u compare carlos from past to present players that have played for arsenal, in terms of the way he plays and what position and so fourth.

  3. I am glad his opinions are sound!!

    “I hope he (dos santos) moves on to a bigger club” ha ha ha

    The guy is already a legend!!!

  4. hahaha he’s already taking shots at Tottenham, you got to love that lol

  5. I wish him good luck in learning English, but I bet soon he’s going to be fluent in the language; it’s not that hard to learn English, and it looks like he’s smart. Good luck Carlos!! se te quiere =]

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  7. Carlos is humble and a hardworker.
    I really hope he can adapt quickly.
    I feel lucky that I got to see him in person
    in the Mexico vs. Peru game.
    That was a big highlight.

  8. carlitos es el mejor lo amo y el sabe que aki estoy yo para ayudarlo en todo lo ke kiero mi nene presioso ………….carlitos es el mejor…=]………….QUE LES QUEDE CLARO PLEASE!

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