Frustrating Night For Arsenal’s Carlos Vela in San Diego

Arsenal prospect Carlos Vela had a frustrating night, as he lost with his native Mexico against Lionel Messi and the very strong Argentina side at the Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego in a international friendly with a final score of 1:4. Vela tried his best to produce something with making good runs, but finally he was unlucky with the final finish. He played the full 90 minutes, as Mexico had absolutely no chance against the clever performance of Argentina.  Barcelona player Lionel Messi and Atletico Madrid starlet Sergio Aguero impressed in the match with great performances.

It was a great atmosphere at the Qualcomm Stadium, as Mexico had the opening opportunity, as Carlos Vela missed to put the Mexicans in front in the seventh minute, as he recieved a through ball from Deportivo player Andres Guardado and beat two defenders showing his pace and technique, but missed the target just wide from a difficult angle.

But it was Argentina who took the lead after 11 minutes, as Nicolas Burdisso finished a Maxi Rodriguez free-kick. 

7 minutes later Argentina made it a second goal, as Lionel Messi sent a close range shot in the net, after a brilliant combination with Sergio Aguero and Julio Cruz.

With 29 minutes gone in San Diego, and goalkeeper Oswaldo Sanchez was taking the ball again out of the net, as Maxi Rodriguez took advantage of a favourable deflection and shot the ball into the net.

With the score at 3:0 for Argentina, both teams made their way back into the changing rooms at the Qualcomm Stadium. Mexico’s supporter’s were shocked about the half time score, because they thought the scorelined had flattered Argentina.

Mexico got their deserved goal after 62 minutes as Antonio Naelson “Zinha” netted a effort into the net, but the goal was answered just 8 Minutes later by Sergio Aguero as he finished from a delivery from Lionel Messi.

The match finished then with another opportunity for Mexico with just 4 minutes on the game clock, as Carlos Vela missed the target with a header from 5 yards.

The scoreline definately flattered the Argentines with Mexico having their fair share of possesion in this match, but Argentina was the the better team in front of the goal. Carlos had two good opportunities, especially the one in the 7th minute, but finally it was a very frustrating night for Carlos, Mexico and all their supporters.

Vela should look forward with his teammates for the next friendly against Peru in Chicago.

Article by – A. Zimmermann 


12 responses to “Frustrating Night For Arsenal’s Carlos Vela in San Diego

  1. Arsenal1Again

    It was a friendly. Besides, any player needs decent team-mates around him to look good. It sounds like he played up-front too, the planned position Wenger has in mind.

  2. Good report and brilliant graphics.

    Great to see Vela learning from his experiences as well. 😉

  3. Carlos Vela is over hyped and has no talent,Arsenal should invest in a american player which are way more better then Vela..Go USA Go Aresnal!!


  5. yeah i agree, there is no US player who is in the near talented like Carlos!!

  6. HAHA @berlingunner

    Carlos Is The Next World Superstar

  7. saw tonights game vela got lucky with a goal he didnt help out no one else,but I did see the us argie game and dempsy controled all arsenal need a player like him in front he would fininsh where vela cant

  8. DEMPESY IS SHITE!!!! lol omg who r u going to say next we should sign brian mcbride. honestly pal give a break. VELA IS GR8 DEMPSEY is SHIT

  9. USA Gooner- wait ur not even a real gooner
    if u were a gooner you should be happy that a player with quality is playing for your team

    your not even an arsenal fan. Dempsey can barely make it at Fulham and you are wanting him to play for Arsenal???? PFT yeah right Keep dreaming

  10. talk to me after the 08/09 season “fake gooner”

    we’ll see who had the better season

  11. wow I’m a American and think usgooner is saying some stupid stuff lol. We got some good ones but it’s a reason why none of them are at Arsenal. Timmy Howard is really the only player I would say could make it at Arsenal. To say Vela has no talent shows you have no taste, you must like him enough to come on his fansite to read his news lol. Clint isn’t better then any Arsenal striker.

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