Carlos Vela Expects To Debut For Arsenal Against Juventus

Arsenal’s Carlos Vela feels now that he is ready to play for Arsene Wenger’s Premiership side, after loan spells with Celta Vigo, UD Salamanca and finally CA Osasuna Pamplona. Vela has received now in the last days his UK work permit, so that all is done now to be announced offically as an Arsenal player, when he comes back from his national trip with his native Mexico.

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger had already a phone call with the young Mexican, where he informed Vela to come to London to clear the living situation as well as other personal matters before he starts in his deserved holiday in Cancun.

Carlos expects to make his Arsenal debut in the Emirates Cup fixture against Juventus, but it looks so that he will not feature in the pre season opener against Barnet Football Club at Underhill.

Carlos said: “Yes I received my work permit two days ago.” “I’ve been waiting two years for a work permit,” Vela said. “Now my dream has come true.

“I have to take advantage of this opportunity to stay in England. I hope I’m lucky enough to be at Arsenal for a long time.

“I’ve achieved a lot in Spain. It has been a useful experience to play for several different teams and move around.

“At Osasuna I had a difficult experience because of the relegation battle but I always had a place in the team. I played well all season. But I expect to have a much better season next year.

“I’m sure all my efforts will pay off. I’ll be playing in one of the best teams in the world that plays competitions like the Champions League – I want those games as soon as possible.

“I have changed a lot, I’m more mature as a person and player. I feel ready for Arsenal.”

Article by – A.Zimmermann

23 responses to “Carlos Vela Expects To Debut For Arsenal Against Juventus

  1. looke foreward to having you here Carlos, if your talented enough and your heart into the club you’ll get a warm welcome from us supporters.

  2. love this guy!
    seems so down to earth.
    will be an arsenal legend, maybe not in the first couple of years but….
    see him as the new improved reyes (without the poor attitude)

  3. Totally agree with you mate.You can grab the chance due to Dudus absence.We will be there to support you.

  4. I love how Sky Sports are already saying ‘ARSENAL striker Carlos Vela has been named in the Mexio squad for upcomming friendly’

  5. Chetan Pandya

    Carlos we have been waiting for that work permit as much as you mate!!! Welcome to THE ARSENAL and trust me you will be loved and worshipped by the fans who will support you 110%. I hope you can achieve all your footballing dreams with the Mighty AFC!!!!!!!!!!! We know what you can do, now show the rest of the world why Arsene has put his faith in you!! Welcome and Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We got Carlos Vela , we got Carlos Vela, we got Carlos Vela!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. we are not playing hamburg are we ? thought it was juve n real ? whats the deal with this nasri thing ? is he a like for like for Hleb and how far is the deal away from completion. I hope all this isnt just speculation now

  8. Arsenal are NOT playing Hamburg!! They will play Juventus and then Real Madrid in the Emirates Cup, not the german club.

  9. Rizla it is my fault not Alex’s

    I saw the title and thought we were playing Hamburg so i changed it, sorry for any confusion all my fault.


  10. matt!! can you please give me that web site you mention?

  11. What a great guy to have on board. Played well for Osasuna and will undoubtably play well for us…can’t wait for Carlos to play for Arsenal…I am certain he’ll fit in straight away…he certainly has the talent.

  12. Vela looks like walcott


  13. YAY!!!!!!!

  14. I am extremely excited about Vela’s arrival. Once this guy starts playing in a team as technically advanced as Arsenal is, he will really start to shine (no offence to Osasuna).

    Although Wenger has said that he is more of an Eduardo type player, I still expect him to feature on the left wing more often that not in his first season here.

    His time at Osasuna will no doubt have matured him, given him more experience and turned him into a better player. I’m confident that he will be willing to work very hard for his place in the starting XI and if he does so, I think we will have a massive talent on our hands.

  15. are’nt you people over estimating carlos vela?

    i also feel it will take him one season to reach a top level

  16. Been waiting ever since i saw the story on bbc that we had/ had not bought him but did not think it would take so long lets hope it was worth the wait

  17. Oh Vela, oh Vela…..Ive waited for this for so long!
    Such a goodlookin guy like you will suit the beautiful Arsenal-shirt perfectly and now we will have to Theo’s on each flank (for so long…)!
    Give your best and keep up the amasing workrate you have shown so far in Spain, and the rest will come automatically!

    Now you are one of us, bro!!!! ❤

  18. Arsenal1Again

    Chetan Pandya you say, “We know what you can do” ….. but we don’t!!!!

    It’s true Wenger has faith in him, but he had faith in Reyes too. He claimed to have faith in Diarra, Walcott, Bentley, Alliadiere and Pennant.

    Walcott was alway’s on the Bench, the other’s in the reserves. Vela played up-front with Mexico against Argentina and missed all his attempts. That really showed us.

    LOL > “LOYALTY. SHOW IT TO US AND YOU’LL BE LOVED. WELCOME” ……. ok Orson. Go and tell that to Eboue, Senderos and Bendtner.

    To be loved at the Emirates he needs to be MINT. He needs to win us Games and to do that he’s got seriously talented players to compete with at Arsenal ….. and against others at rival clubs. I want David Villa at the Club. I want a fit Edurado back, I want a fit Tomas Rosicky back, I want a fit v.Persie back. I want Walcott start more games.

    Carlos ….. you’ll not be picked before any of those players. In central midfield you’ll have to be defensive, can you do that? How’s your passing accuracy mate? Can you do it lightening fast? Can you handle all the bad tempers in the changing room? Can you score more than 3 Goals in a league much harder than La Liga?

    I really, really hope so. Diarra, Bentley, Alliadiere and Pennant were all better than you – and they’re gone. Are you going to join them or stay with us.

  19. Carlos Vela is a brilliant player always inspired and lead the Mexican team on even though hes young. Cant wait to see him in action for the mighty Gunners hell soon become one of the greats as all of our players have shown. One word for you mate. Absoloutley TALENTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Overpass

  21. IDK but vela is sure to have it bad if he wants in among our starting 11 here at emirates, im not going to praise this young player or even so “critisize” him. all i can do is welcome a new gunner and wish him the best here

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  23. Vela is a very good Mexican player, but has not bloom in the professional leagues. we know he is a world’s champion player as Tierry Henry first years.

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