Carlos Vela Train Update 16th April

Arsenal’s Mexican whizkid Carlos Vela had today with his teammates a intensive training session at Tajonar training ground.  

Coach Jose Angel Ziganda terminated for the squad a very intensive physical and technical unit, with explosive sprint and condition exercises as well as tactical work plus quick posession play. The training finished then with a easy practice match, where Carlos Vela was included, but Ziganda used the chance to rest some of his players.

Next training session shall take place tomorrow at 10.30am local time at Tajonar.

Article by – A.Zimmermann


One response to “Carlos Vela Train Update 16th April

  1. I’m looking foward to seeing Carlos in action for Arsenal next season. A classy Mexican striker/winger who will bring so much to the team. It will take him a while to adapt, but when he does, he could be as prolific as Eduardo was in those January/February months.

    Great blog. Keep up the hard work 😉

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