Carlos Hosts Press Conference At Tajonar


Carlos Vela was selected to take part in a press conference in Osasuna’s press room, Tajonar

Carlos has admitted in the press conference he has good feelings, that he can play without any problems on Sunday against Getafe. He also spoke again about his dream to join Arsene Wenger’s side for the next campaign as well as that his spanish passport is in work.

“I feel me well. Today I already trained a little with the team and the feelings are good. This week I am going to provoke fully the group and I expect to be fit for Sunday to try to get the points. The tigh injury goes well because in today’s training I have not noted anything pain. So I hope that I have no trouble here at Sunday. It was the right decision not to feature against Betis because it cannot help the team, when I can play only with 50 percent”.

“I was frustrated to saw the team playing against Betis, because I know it was a very important Match for us, but the only thing what I could do was to help the team from outside”.

“We did not deserve to lose against Betis, but that is football. If you get a goal, then you try to equalise”

“Getafe is a great team, but the main thing is to do well there and of course we have a chance because we have a good run in La Liga as well as it could be possible that Getafe is a little bit tired about many matches and also they could thinking about the clash against Bayern”

“We do not know that it happens to us not to win away. The visit to Getafe change a little, because with no points at home, there is the danger to play there with more peacefulness. Mentality is a other now; it is necessary to be going to win, though we already have some draws in the last away matches, but I believe that it is time to win away and raise it with a home victory. That is the way what we must do”.

“I cannot tell anything to it at the moment, but I want to do well here as well as to help the team to avoid relegation. So I will play the biggest possible number of minutes. There is nothing decided, but of course Arsenal is a dream for next year, but I must wait. I am quiet and wait for the two months when the League finished, then I will see what comes in my holiday.

“It can be possible that I stay a other year at Spain because the spanish league is the best one with the english premier league, but I learn now a lot here and we are working that I get my spanish passport very soon”.

“I could not go on the short trip with the mexican selection to play in London, and that I know that Arsenal fans bought tickets to watch me playing gives me anger, but the most important thing is to recover ”.

Article by – A.Zimmermann


6 responses to “Carlos Hosts Press Conference At Tajonar

  1. good post alex, it is a shame carlos got injured i was looking forward to see him playing in a live match in england, cant wait till he comes to us next season, do u kno any idea wat number he will wear?

  2. Hey matthew, I think maybe he will wear the number 8 kit at Arsenal.

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  4. Yes it is a shame that Vela didnt play yesterday. I went to the game and it was a good match would have been better though if Vela had played as that was the main reason I wanted to go!

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