Happy Birthday Carlos


On loan Arsenal forward Carlos Vela was born on March 1, 1989 in Cancun, Mexico, meaning today is his 19th birthday.

Carlos Vela News and Young Guns invite all supporters of Carlos from around the world to celebrate this special day for him.

We wish Carlos all good things for his next year as well as health as well as that he improve every day his football so that his development are going well.

Furthermore we all wish Carlos the best of luck , when he arrives át Arsenal in summer.

If you like to leave Carlos a message leave them below, and they will be passed on to him!

With Special Greetings from A.Zimmermann and J. Sanderson


34 responses to “Happy Birthday Carlos

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  2. Thanks for the comment, appreciate your comments, really admire the work you do, will be more than happy to link exchange and add your site to my blogroll, in fact, I’m going to add it now! Cheers!

  3. great site guys,
    i hope our next super star has an excellent birthday,
    i hope he is ready for next season a lot of people are counting on him

  4. Happy Birthday Carlos.Look forward to seeing you play in an Arsenal shirt next season.

  5. We love you Carlos, we do!

  6. Have a happy birthday carlos hope to see you scoring lots of goals for arsenal next year

  7. Happy Birthday Carlos – hopefully Arsenal will beat Villa today in celebration. Can’t wait to see you when you join up with the team next season.

  8. Happy Birthday Carlos, and we hope to see you scoring goals for Arsenal next season 😉

  9. Happy birthday, and may you be happier than ever.
    I hope you are improving your English as much as your football, because it will help you a lot when you come back to Arsenal.
    I think Wenger needs Vela to be a left winger, so if he could be the next (overmars, Giggs or Pires) i will be so happy.

  10. ¡feliz cumpleaños Carlos!

  11. Happy Birthday, Carlos! Good luck on Arsenal in the next season

  12. Happy Birthday Carlos, cant wait until you join the Arsenal next year. Your a rising star and have great skill and composure still cannot believe the skill you produced to go around Sergio Ramos, Breathtaking stuff! Keep up the good work.

  13. Happy Birthday Carlos Vela!

    You’re a superb prospect and I guess you’ll be a key player next season. Keep impressing at Osasuna and bang in the goals. Arsenal fans are anticipating the arrival of a new signing, our beloved Mexican youngster. 🙂

  14. happy birthday carlos….
    you superb player….

  15. Happy Birthday CARLOS VELA, you are our next superstar

  16. Happy birthday, looking forward to next season.

  17. Happy Birthday Carlos.We are looking forward to see you play in an Arsenal shirt next season. Have a wonderful day and God guide and protect you.


  18. Finsbury Parker

    Happy Birthday, Carlos! Have a great season in Spain, and we can’t wait to see you play for Arsenal in the new season. There’s a lot of excitement about you in London, so keep up the great work!

  19. bertie wooster

    Happy birthday, can’t wait to see you in an arsenal shirt.

  20. go vela! as u get older u’ll be better player eventually. hope to see u play for arsenal soon 😀

  21. Wish you the best of birthday’s. Can’t wait to see you at Arsenal next year. I think with better passing teammates around you, your game will explode. Keep working hard and btw great game vs USA.


    HAPPY B-DAY!!!!!

  23. ¡Felíz cumpleaños Carlos! Te vemos cada partido y esperemos que continuas majorar a Osasuna. Juegas muy bueno. ¡Felíz cumpleaños ese!

  24. Happy birthday carlos hope u will be with arsenal next summer and be the successor to thierry henry!!!!Please take no 14 and fight to honour it

  25. Happy Carlos !! I hope you will be celebrating your birthday next year in the red n white of Arsenal. Were anticipating your arrival so much for the past few years.At last you are close to comming . Hope you have a nice birthday. Keith from Ireland .

  26. Happy Birthday Carlos !! I hope you will be celebrating your birthday next year in the red n white of Arsenal. Were anticipating your arrival so much for the past few years.At last you are close to comming . Hope you have a nice birthday. Keith from Ireland .

  27. ¡Feliz cumpleaños Carlos!
    Happy Birthday Carlos!
    Grattis på födelsedagen Carlos!

  28. Happy birth day Carlos we are waiting for your return. Hope you will bring impact in the PL.

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  30. Happy Birthday Vela. I hope you are playing better where you are. We wishing you very best and we are looking forward to see you playing in an Arsenal shirt next season. Have a wonderful birthday and may God bless you.


  32. HOLA VELA!!!!
    Te quiero decir que yo soy tu admiradora, no la num. 1 pero si te admiro y mucho. Bueno solo te quiero desear en tu cumple que te la pases super con tus amigos y te deseo lo mejor de la vida.
    Yo siempre voy a confiar en ti.

    BAY BAY!!!!

  33. Dear Carlos Alberto Vela Garrido. Sorry for the late birthday wish..i had a big test yesterday.
    anyways, Happy Birthday!Doesn’t it feel great to be 20! And to be playing for biggie arsenal must be AWESOME!
    Wish you many happy returns of the day , hope you have a great year ahead and and all your wishes be granted.

    HAppY BIRTHdaY!!!!!!!

  34. happy birthday carlos, i wish u all the best in ur football career in fly emirates,
    am very proud for u and so i do hop u to be one of the worlds greatest soccer player with ur owm unique records.
    no much to say, than wishing u to huv a wonderful day in ur lyk this
    happy birthday!!!!
    i blv iam the gunnerz super fan from africa and the rest of the intire world!! and ur fan too!!! am proud for that!!!!!!!

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