Carlos Undertakes A Threshold Confirmation Test


Picture from NavarraSport

Carlos had today with his teammates of CA Osasuna Pamplona a special physical unit or a “threshold confirmation test” at Osasuna’s training ground after the break on Tuesday.

The news was confirmed on the clubs official website. Coach Jose Angel Ziganda divided the players into 3 Groups for this physical session. Ziganda put Carlos into the third Group and last group.

The Groups in full

First Group: Josetxo, Monreal, Izquierdo, Juanfran, Kike Sola, Javier Flaño, Cruchaga

Second Group: Margairaz, Hugo Viana, Dady, Héctor Font, Pandiani, Javi García, Astudillo, Delporte, Portillo

Third Group: Puñal, Plasil, Azpilicueta, Vela, Nekounam

After the physical test the players finished the session with some work with the ball.

Article by – A.Zimmermann


4 responses to “Carlos Undertakes A Threshold Confirmation Test

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  3. does this mean the vela is in the fittest group at osasuna?

  4. Leo, it could be possible that Carlos was in the fittest group but Ziganda the coach has divided this groups and he know all about his players.

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