Carlos played with Mexico 2:2 at United States


Last night Carlos Vela played with his home country Mexico a international friendly match against the US side from coach Bob Bradley in front of 70.103 visitors at the wonderful Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas. The kickoff was terminated for 2am english time but was delayed for around 25 minutes because a lot of fans are standing outside to come into the stadium.

Mexico Coach Hugo Sanchez had nominated Carlos for the starting lineup on the left wing with the number 11 and after the teams comes out on the pitch with a brilliant atmosphere by both supporter sides was the game started by the referee Carlos Buatres with the kickoff at 2.25am english time. 

In the first 10 minutes of the match Carlos had some great movements on the left down side with left back Carlos Salcido and get the ball very often from his teammates. First brilliant action from Carlos was as he keeped the ball with great technic and crossed the pitch to the right down side and get the ball back and put a faboulous cross into the middle to give his teammate Adolfo Bautista nearly a chance. Next good scene was as the mexico defenders won the ball in the dangerous own area and Carlos get the ball from them and was running trough the pitch with amazing pace and it was only Fulham defender Carlos Bocanegra who stopped him with a fair tackle near the eighteen yard box. 

In the first thirty minutes it was Hugo Sanchez side who control the match totally and Carlos was often fouled by the US boys. It was the twentynine minute as US defender Oguchi Onyewu did a long throw in from the left side into the middle and the mexican side missed to clear the ball and was allowing that Landon Donovan could bring the ball back into the dangerous area and it was Onyewu who headered the ball near the right post into the net and the US boys had the lead. Six minutes later the game was tied as Jonny Magallon was striking the ball from 4 yards into the net after a great free kick delivery from Stuttgart midfielder Pavel Pardo. USA had back the lead as Jozy Altidore, who played in his third appearance for the US boys for first time in the starting lineup, finished with a nine yard header a fantastic counter as he got from the right side the ball from Moor. With a halftime score of 2:1 for the US boys are going both teams back into the changing rooms at the Reliant Stadium.

After halftime only two minutes are played as again Jonny Magallon tied the match as he was hitting the ball from the back post from a 4 yard position in the net after a a pass from Salcido who was delievered by a corner from Carlos Vela. With Carlos Vela the mexican side had so much pace and ability in the performance. Before the goal was scored Carlos had a great scene as he striked the ball just a little wide.

Later in the match Carlos was involved in a another great scene of the mexican side as he get the ball from Bautista and cut inside the eighten yard box and striked the ball who was deflected by the US defender for a corner.

The game had then a lot of substitutions and after seventyone minutes the game was finished for Carlos with a brilliant and very impressing performance of the young teenager of Arsenal on loan at Osasuna. He was substituted by the young Barcelona player Giovanni Dos Santos. Carlos was impressing with pace, technic and energy! 

The games was finished as referee Carlos Buatres from Guatemala did the final whistle and in a very good football match, with a mix of youth and experience players on both sides, was finally a result of 2:2. On both sides you could see that the future looks very bright because with Vela and dos Santos had Mexico to brilliant young players and on the US side was definately impressing in his first start for the United States young Jozy Altidore. 

US Squad:  1 Tim Howard, 21 Drew Moor, 3 Carlos Bocanegra (skipper), 22 Oguchi Onyewu, 6 Ramiro Corrales, 10 Landon Donovan, 13 Ricardo Clark (Maurice Edu, 79), 4 Michael Bradley (5 Benny Feilhaber, 63), 15 Bobby Convey (7 Eddie Lewis, 70); 9 Jozy Altidore, 8 Clint Dempsey (19 Freddy Adu, 63) 

Subs not used: 11 Pat Noonan, 16 Michael Parkhurst, 18 Brad Guzan

Mexico Squad: 1 Guillermo Ochoa, 2 Jonny Magallon, 3 Carlos Salcido (14 Fausto Pinto, 59) 4 Rafael Marquez (skipper), 5 Israel Castro, 6 Gerado Torrado, 7 Fernando Arce (18 Cesar Villaluz, 90+), 8 Pavel Pardo, 11 Carlos Vela (16 Giovanni Dos Santos, 71), 9 Antonio De Nigris (15 Juan Carlos Cacho, 67), 10 Adolfo Bautista (17 Antonio Naelson, 71)

Subs not used: 12 Luis Michel, 13 Oscar Rojas,

Goals: 1:0 Oguchi Onyewu (Landon Donovan) 30′ 
              1:1 Jonny Magallon (Pavel Pardo) 35′ 
              2:1 Jozy Altidore (Drew Moor) 40′ 
              2:2 Jonny Magallon (Carlos Salcido) 47′

Attendance:  70.103 visitors at Reliant Stadium 

Watch highlights here

Article written by A. Zimmermann               


7 responses to “Carlos played with Mexico 2:2 at United States

  1. I went to that game and i was lucky enough to have on-field seats. As he was practicing, i saw him running towards me and i quickly waved and yelled his name. What did he do next? He gave me a long look and winked at me!! CARLOS YOU ROCK!

  2. eslpjofr upwlhsymg wrfhpa guyrpbsoa odlhyt dxyt ytszjnd

  3. I think carlos played well last february 2008. If he hadn’t gotten a red card against honduras he could had been the difference in the recent game against the U.S in which mexico went down again.

  4. ilove you
    you’re sooooooooooo hot
    you and giovani are the best ones!




    ME ENCANTA TUS ARETITOS Y TUS CHINOS BELLOS DE PELO NEGRO CRESPO VEN POR MI ALA ESCUELA PARA Q MIS AMIGAS ME CREAN QUE TU Y YO SOMOS UNO MISMO VOY EN EL CBTis 149 en el 5LC2 estudio laborstorista para cuando quieras chiquito papa my babe te i love you re te arto jajajajaja sorry tengo el nopal en la frente pero no te vas a arrepentir mua:-* TE AMO VELITA


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