Supporter views on Carlos Vela!!!


On Wednesday evening we had the chance to talk to the owner and creator of Young Guns Mr. J. Sanderson and to a big Carlos Vela and Arsenal supporter Mr. M. Collins about Carlos and both are giving us a interview with views on the young mexican whizkid!!!

When u heared first time of Carlos Vela?

Mr.Sanderson: I heared about him in 2005 i think? Steve Rowley and some of the scouts went to watch him in the Under 17s World Cup, and it was reported on Skysports, and i looked into him and saw how many goals he had scored, and i was really impressed, but he was only 16 so i was not really expecting alot from him, and then about 2 weeks later we had signed him.

Mr.Collins: I first came to hear of carlos in 2005 when he was playing in the fifa u-17 world cup he finish top scorer in the tournament and we agreed to buy him then loan him out to celta vigo, i remember the final when dos santos crossed it in and carlos scored a great diving header, i knew from then on this player is going to be something special.

What infos do you had of him before he was coming on trial to Arsenal?

Mr. Sanderson: I did not know alot about him if i am honest, but after doing abit of research i was really impressed, i knew he was a striker, and a poacher, a “fox in the box” type of player so i was really happy we had moved for somebody of that ability, but its always too early to judge on a player when they are 16.

What was your first thought as you heared that he signed to us?

Mr.Sanderson: Another good bit of business for the club, were always on the look out for top young talents, and it has worked really well in the past, so with Carlos’s arrival i was delighted, but then i heared about the work permit issues and i heared the move could be in doubt it was fustrating, but loaning is often better than a player sitting on the bench.

Mr.Collins: I was very excited, after seeing him in the fifa under 17 world cup he looked a great prospect and he finished top scorer, so i knew he had the potential to become one of the best in the game.

What you think about his qualities?

Mr. Sanderson: He has alot of qualities, and the fact he has changed as a player to adapt to the different roles he has had to play has impressed me.

If he is playing as a striker, he always looks for space, and we have seen during his loan with Salamanca he can score goals often as a lone front man which is very hard, but this season as a winger he has used his pace and strenght to beat players as well as his technical quality, but also as he has grown into a man his physique has improved, he has come a long way from the skinny striker when we first signed him.

Mr. Collins: I think hes main qualities are hes very fast, hes got great finishing and he has got great technique, he has proved he can score goals he scored 5 at the fifa world cup u-17s, 8 at salamanca and got some assists also, this season he has 2 goals at osasuna and has only recently getting starts instead of coming of the bench.

Which position is your favourite position for him striker or winger?

Mr.Sanderson: I prefer him as a Winger, his pace and power make him ideal to play there, and because he has played as a striker he knows where the goal is, but being able to play two positions very well means he is a even more valuable asset for the club.

Mr.Collins: Well ive seen him play in two positions wide on the left and as a centre forward its hard to say where he’ll play best because when hes playing on the left he plays well, he tracks back well helps the defence and is good going forward, hes got wonderful dribbling, and great technical ability with the ball at his feet, he is known to many as a centre forward which he is good at he gets goals and assists, personally i think he’ll end up as a striker because of hes wonderful finishing, but he is also equally adapt to play left midfield.

How important was for him the loan spell at Salamanca and what your thoughts about his time at Osasuna Pamplona?

Mr.Sanderson: The Salamanca loan was very important for two main reasons

1) because it improved Carlos as a player, and after the dissapointment of the situation with Celta Vigo it was vital he showed what he was all about, and speaking with many Salamanca fans they treat him like a god, he tried very hard to make sure the fans liked him and quickly settled and got goals further adding to his devlopment.

2) Sending Carlos to Salamanca helped with relations between the two clubs, Arsenal set up the link with them so we could send players such as Carlos there to gain the paperwork and experience needed to come back and play in England, and having a player of Carlos’s quality helped the link up.

this season with Osasuna he has learnt a new position, and is playing some good stuff in what im sure has been a fustrating and dissapointing season for Osasuna fans.

Mr.Collins: I think hes loan spell at Salamanca last season was important for him to get first team experience in a competitive league he set that league alight with great performances and rave reviews, he has adapted well to Osasuna i think it is important for him to play in the top tier of spanish football at such a young age it is good to play week in week out for experience , i think he is osasuna’s main man, he gets the fans on the edge of there seats with hes amazing dribbling skills and tricks.

On which level do you see him at the moment?

Mr.Sanderson: This season he has shown he can be a first team regular, when he comes back i think he will be on the bench for the first few games, but with Carling Cup and F.A Cup matches he will get his chance, and with Tomas Rosicky yet to have a full season without being injured chances will open up for him, he has the talent, but can he cut it in the Premiership and Europe? only time will tell

Mr.Collins: I see carlos vela on an advanced level of hes age not many players hes age are at the level he is at now, he has the potential to be a world class striker, if he carries on the way he is going he is definetly on hes way to be one of the best, and i think he is coming to the best club which will help and nurture him which is arsenal!

Do you think that he will be in the future a Arsenal legend?

Mr.Sanderson: I think to say he is a legend before he has even pulled the shirt on is crazy talk, but in the future, why not he has the talent and the correct attitude, but its far too early to tell.

Mr.Collins:  Yes, i think carlos vela has definately got the potential to be a future legend at the emirates, i think he’ll match perfectely into our style of play because the mexican national team play in a similar way to the way we play (arsenal), with passing and moving football, i know the fans will love him, i hope next season he gets loads of starts because i know he has the quality to be a legend.

Do you think that Carlos could be replace next season a experience player like Tomas Rosicky on the left wing or do you think he need still some time to get experience?

Mr.Sanderson: I think Tomas had another two maybe three seasons left, his contract has still some time to run, but its great that we already have in Carlos somebody with the potential to take over, i dont think it will be next season, but maybe the season after.

Mr.Collins: I think with the experience he gets this season at osasuna he will be ready to start, i can imagine him and gael down the left that would be amazing, but tomas is also a great player so it’ll be a nice problem for mr.wenger!!, carlos would also give us natural width, with being left footed, personally i fink carlos will end up in the centre forward position.

Thank you for your time!!!

Article written by A.Zimmermann with much thanks to Mr. J. Sanderson and Mr. M. Collins


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